Downtime meme collection to have fun and pass time

Someone has to so might as well make it during the least populated time. @amanagrawal22222

Steam update is out for NW. Go update!

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Servers up though?

Those come later, but you need the client update first. :slight_smile:

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excuse me, where is Fae? xD

Disappeared last time. Should come back soon.


haa weird

Client Update is up on Steam…

Not at all weird.
Maintenance usually means restarting the instances.
So they are down for a bit and dont show up. How is that weird?

We need to extend the scheduled maintenance for all regions. We expect the servers to be back around 2:30 AM PT / 11:30 AM CEST but we will let you know as soon as we have more information to share. Thank you for your patience.

No surprises here

exactly… cant even do a 118mb patch right…

atleast AGS is consistent in messing up

I dont like to bitch and moan. I understand there needs to be downtime for updates and Im extremely patient and understanding like most players. However, When you consistantly push the uptime to the right on every update/patch, that tells us that AGS either is piss at planning, executing, or doesnt care about deadlines. Its better to tell us its gonna be a flat out 4hr downtime and bring it back up in 3.5hrs instead of adding to it while still maintaining the mindset of 3 hrs. I get there are unforeseen circumstances and things arise but this is a common trend. You have something good going, dont burn it AGS. Not trying to shit on anything but please take this into consideration. @Maselbart @EveryModAndDev

Only @ing you because youre the only dude I know in this chat, lol. Nothing personal @Maselbart

I updated my computer to Windows 11 during this maintenance cycle.
Finally had the time.

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Is W10 or W11 better for gaming? I thought about updating a few months ago but at that time, W10 was better.

i’m just waiting for another extension now

Your wish is their command

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Was just extended for another 30 min. Seriously AGS, this is literal shit planning and execution.

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