Downtime meme collection to have fun and pass time

I will let you know.
Supposedly Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10.
We will see …

Still this after a year… Amateurs.


Thank god for enhancing my “Queue simulator”- experience, they really go above and beyond these guys. real MVP’s

Another 30 minutes. Going to Defrag and Optimize my drives

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Why make it 3 ours if you know you need more why not say 5 ours and be life in 4 shame that they keep us w8ing like this but the outcome must be better so lets w8 some more

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What is a Defrag?

also takes 5 ours

la verdad no se cuanto tiempo he de perder en este juego. colas de espera infinitas y servidores en mantenimiento. increible



LuxendraCommunity Manager


We are currently investigating and working on fixes to some of the houses in Everfall. While we are preparing to incorporate the fix in an upcoming update, please refrain from placing housing items in your Everfall houses. All furniture placed in Everfall houses between the Brimstone Sands release and our next update may become stuck or misplaced after the fix is applied.

We will update this notice once we have more information as to when this fix is coming.

Thanks for telling me AFTER I rearranged the furniture. Maybe I’ll get my floodlight back on my Castle of Steel character.

Some servers are back up

I wish they would have told us 5 hours and keep some extra time for their selves and even servers would be back before the timers goes off…

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So this a Downtime simulator A poster chilled of what not to do the industrial standard of what not to do and to As a game development company. AGS Needs to Fix the problem and not take a full year to do it . Ags If you like that person at your job that you take one look at and say this is going to be more of a problem then it going to be worth it. Ags Is the one development company for games you look at a point and lol at. Did I get my point across I to know how AGS like to do and say things over and over …


AGS should just double (or +50%) the projected downtime and if it comes up before that time, then it looks good on you. This trend is kinda old. Not trying to complain and I’m understanding and patient as I’ve stated before but when it’s a common trend of being late, it kinda speaks volumes. I’m not a legacy player or been playing for longer than a month but since I’ve been here, I honestly can’t recall you being on time with bringing servers up. Take this info for what it’s worth.


I was about to write somethign similar. If you say upfront its going to be 2 hours 30 min - but you enable servers 1 hour into the maintenance it will look awesome. If you constantly delay things for “another 30min” it makes me think that the communication between departements isnt working very well or/and the estimates are too optimistic. Just saying…