[Downtime] New World Update 1.1.1

Greetings Adventurers,

We will be holding downtime for New World Update 1.1.1. The estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours (~180 minutes).

Please find the downtime schedule for each region below:

Regions Downtime Start Time (In your local Timezone)
Central Europe 2021-12-01T07:00:00Z
US-East 2021-12-01T07:00:00Z
South America 2021-12-01T07:00:00Z
Australia 2021-12-01T07:00:00Z
US-West 2021-12-01T07:00:00Z

Please find the patch notes for this weekly here: New World Update 1.1.1 - News | New World


  • Elemental Wolves and Elk still cannot be harvested.
    • Unfortunately the fix for them did not make it into today’s build. All other elemental animals can be harvested.
  • The harvester gear compensation box will be given out at some point after the downtime. If you haven’t received it yet, please be patient.

We will update the patchnotes on the website as soon as possible!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Maintenance has been completed and all worlds are back online. Thank you for your patience, we’ll see you in Aeternum!


Please find the link to the [Notice] Update on Horticulture/Harvester Gear here.