[Downtime] October 19th/20th, 2022 - Materials

After this patch, are those who lost months worth of materials going to get their materials back? Seems like a pretty big oversight.

I imagine they’ll add the correct perk, but we’ll have to see. They’ve already said they’ll do some sort of compensation.

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Gotcha thanks. We are just losing out on gold making opportunities in the meantime. Just unfortunate i guess

in nearest future it mean in 12 months or less then a 7 days because it kind of cofusing from their side …

I would assume it’d be sooner than 12 months. If I were to guess, probably a week or two.

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Yeah, every time they have done a make-good on things it comes as quickly as possible, so I am on board with it being in a couple weeks or so.


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Wont believe until i see it :rofl:

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