[Downtime] September 23rd, 2022

Hi everyone,

We have been investigating a bug that allows higher than intended results for crafting in some circumstances. We will be taking downtime at 2022-09-23T17:00:00Z to prevent this problem. We are actioning against players who have taken advantage of this intentionally.

Downtime will last approximately 90 minutes.

When we have more information, we will provide an update here.

Thank you for your understanding


Thank you for your patience! Here are the following changes that have been implemented during this downtime:

  • Unintentional Faction Control timing value regression has been restored
  • Fixed an economy exploit
  • Some Trophy crafting buffs have been temporarily disabled

Hi all,

Quick update to summarize the actions we have taken to address two different issues discovered yesterday.

We have identified individuals involved in two potential exploits - one a trade exploit, the other an unintended stack of house trophy bonuses resulting in better chances at high gear score items than normally available. The individuals abusing these (a few hundred accounts) have been temporarily banned while we double check our data. We will remove the switch preventing trading when we are sure players who benefited from these exploits can’t damage the economy - that is our top priority right now. Removing the trade switch does NOT require server maintenance. There is also a switch active preventing lower tier trophies from taking effect, while leaving the Tier 3 in bonus in place. This was the least disruptive immediate step for the stack exploit, and we already have identified the data change for the permanent fix.

For players who exploited, they will remain banned until we either remove any exploitive gains or permanently ban them. This is a much lower priority to us than restoring regular game play for those players who just want to enjoy the game. We apologize to those affected by unscheduled downtime to address these issues, but it was vital to act quickly.

We hope you understand and have a great weekend in New World.