DPS in dungeons has become so stale

I am very curious about what drove the changes to remove negative resistances in dungeons. Is this really much different than just nerfing the amount of positive damage weapons that are supposedly strong in dungeons do? It’s all relative, as far as weapon diversity goes. The net result is we just see basically all greatswords as dps, maybe a rapier or a hatchet here and there, with some other weapons sometimes CC’ing. This is incredibly boring, and waters down how damage is done to a very derivative “run the OP dps weapon, regardless of what dungeon it is”.


I believe that the removal of negative resistances was because it was an unfun mechanic, which was not easily explained to the player in-game and the knowledge of which melee damage type or elemental damage type, did increased, neutral or decreased damage to the NPC families (Ancient, Angry Earth, Beast, Corrupted and Lost), was an extra burden on the players. Also knowing which dungeon has which types of NPC families (Barnacles and Black Powder, Ennead and Starstone have multiple types of NPC families) was a further burden.

While you could try your melee damage or elemental damage weapon of choice against each NPC family type, you would have to do this and then maintain that knowledge in working memory each time you played.

An alternative was to look up on 3rd party websites to see a chart of what weapons and elemental damages did increased, neutral or decreased damage versus the NPC family types. Having to go outside the game to quickly reference this knowledge was also not an ideal situation for players.

In a future patch, hopefully the upcoming (SOON™) PTR balancing patch, AGS plans to remove the Elemental resistances that come with the Mutation effects, so that your weapon of choice can be used in any Expedition, with any Mutation, without suffering from decreased damage Elemental damage, based on the Mutation type.

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So wouldn’t the solution to “ease of access to information” be to provide an easier way to look at that information? Integrated into the UI. Damage weaknesses/strengths have existed in RPGs since the beginning…I don’t think anyone “struggles” to understand it, that plays it, it’s just natural. So why are we trying to remove that layer?

It wasnt. It was really nice, but poorly made.

The reason they removed it was that with Brimstone came the Greatsword which deals slash damage and the Hyper Dungeon Ennead is mostly Ancient and the Hype weapon would deal minus damage there. So instead of making a future plan of how to release things. they rather removed negative dmg. :slight_smile:

Umm expeditions have been stale for a long time now even before the negative damage resistance. Expeditions are pretty much all you need is the right build and level, then assume one of three roles. This takes zero skill. Expeditions to me at the moment feels like a filler content except AGS thinks it is the main content.

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So ancients are strong against slash and weak against strike. This meant you needed to us a GH because that’s the only strike weapon. That was restrictive. That has now been fixed and now people can use slash and you’re saying it’s stale because of this? :smiley:

Yeh ok mate. If everyone uses one weapon, this isn’t the cause of it. It’s that weapon being OP. You are focused on the wrong problem.

i know you guys will hate what i write
but i would LOVE to see dungeon groups assembled like: Tank, Mage, Ranger, Barbarian, Healer
or something like that
but what we have now is
4x 5con psychopath 1x aoe healer

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Pve and pvp are both stale. Since november we had 0 content, and no balance changes. Game is basicaly in maintenance mode for 5 months already

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There needs to be changes ASAP

but they make no monlty money
and i cant understand why ppl would buy any of the armor sets cuz they all look like my dogs DooDoo

i think this game is not profitable enough for them to care.

they are like if u buy the game your loss our win haha :L

dungeons were always boring and the next one is going to be boring after the 50th time you run it. this is why they need to fix and expand the pvp game. There are already way better pve games to play.


Game has A LOT of problems, but what youre saying is just wrong.

$40 for even 200 hours of playtime is a complete win for the player.

I have like 1500 hours of playtime for $40. If this game were to shutdown tomorrow, id be totally fine with what i got out of this game.

I don’t think anyone has ever said the game isn’t worth $40.

We are disappointed that they dont have paid expansions ready for us to buy. I would totally invest 20-40 more for a better game. But AGS is simply not prepared.

I only said that because he said “if u buy the game your loss our win”.

I consider the game a win for $40.

But I do agree, the roadmap for 2023 looks grim. Beyond a raid there’s really no attractive new content, and completely neglects PvP.

Agreed, would love to pay for more expansions. Lets just hope they take the time and effort to bug test it first tho, we all know how great their rushed products are.

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They removed it before Brimstone, there is no indication they removed it specifically for Greatsword. If you could cite some kind of source for your opinion, it might be believable, but as of now, it is not.

No, they didnt removed it before.

strg+f: resistances

Funny that they removed natural resistances but still Fire/Ice mutations make mages a fond memory of when dungeons were for everyone.

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