DPS vs Utility: An open Discussion

I’ve come to new world from years of what i’d look at being mid-high tier fps gameplay, particularly Rainbow Six Siege which I feel over time balanced solo ability and team utility well. I didn’t play the beta or the alpha of New World so I haven’t witnessed the progress or changes made to any of the weapons overtime, although, I can’t help but ask why weapons which are vital for certain tasks (hammer, great axe, life staff) can yield a similar or greater damage output in comparison to weapons with minimal CC potential (rapier, bow, hatchet, musket)? As we’ve all seen the games meta currently lies in a state where your screen is bombarded with sacred grounds and gravity wells which do their jobs well. So my real question is, why is the damage output of these supportive or CC predominant builds justified in comparison to the output of the traditionally DPS oriented builds?

My lifestaff does not do the same damage as my bow, musket or hatchet. Hammer and great axe are DPS weapons with some CC. They are not support or just CC.

It’s no guarantee but I’ve experienced it, and it seems way too strong. From what it looks like on my server; the spear, musket, bow, hatchet (until recently) have been swept under the rug for lifestaff + gaxe or gaxe hammer. The odd sword + shield and mages where requested but not much else. It feels to me that they are way too versatile.

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