Drinking potion has melee fighter is a pain

Drinking a potion has heavy melee is a pain.
Every single hit i take just cancel my potion.
On top of this, using skill and basic attack have priority on potion in queue.
All of this make drinking a potion during a fight with multiple enemy like impossible.

300 str grit for consumables. ship it.

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That’s anyone in an active fight, not just melee. Unless you can dodge away, you’re not drinking that potion. lol


yes i understand but since the distance dodge in heavy is very short i can not dodge far away

That’s the drawbacks to wearing heavy /shrug

The recent changes to stamina combined with the fact that anything sneezing in your direction puts a slow on you makes dodging in heavy not even move you and mediums range is very short.
I was soloing portals at 28 for my mainstory quest and pulled one of the two handed sword users that was a brutal slimy slicer. Even as a tryhard using full blue gear my level with onyx gems full consumables including strong health pots strong regen strong corrupted resistance strong corrupted coating honing stone and gemstone dust. trenchant recovery on both weapons and leeching path weapon perk. I still had to use charge as a escape skill then kite to wait out potions cooldowns to survive the fight because I couldnt escape the slime at all and was pinned in the slicers.

So confirm a cc then use.

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