Drop chance of Squirming Vines are not affected by luck and STATIC. As well as for most craft mods from chests. Good to know for everyone

Full Luck Gear + Trophies + PVP Flag - Vine Drop Chance

No Luck Gear + No Trophies + No PVP Flag - Vine Drop Chance

Edited to better explain the matter, in the best way done by @Ryladryl


Just to put it into perspective:

Loaded Dice Drop chance with almost full luck (with PvP ON)

Loaded Dice Drop chance with less luck (with PvP OFF)

Loaded Dice Drop chance ONLY with full luck set with pearls (PvP OFF)

Loaded Dice Drop chance without any buffs to luck

You can calculate it for any item from any chest, eg screenshots posted above there

What does it all mean? Forgot my conspiracy hat in my other mmo coat pocket

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It means, you might get it or you might not. If you’re lucky. :smile:


Kinda :smiley:

But what gear to use is important part when you think what you gonna farm

so confused,

the header post is that vines are not affected by luck; followed by screenshots showing that the drop is indeed affected by luck with full + pvp giving you the best chance.

I’m sure I missed something.



Maybe this can help. I believe this was what @linegel was trying to show in their titled post. There is no effect when using maximum luck versus no luck whatsoever.

Full Luck Gear + Trophies + PVP Flag - Vine Drop Chance

No Luck Gear + No Trophies + No PVP Flag - Vine Drop Chance

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That is much clearer, thanks.

I certainly don’t give luck too much thought way to inconsistent info to put any faith in.

That said, the reason the vines could be like this is - we the players don’t know for sure what constitutes an item to make it into the top loot drop tiers. For all we know vines are in common buckets you tier yourself out of with a single bit of luck gear or trophy.

-Thanks Ryl.


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Happy to help! :smiley:

There are several explanations of luck that the Dev’s have posted. I do not think getting to much luck removes you from a bucket in which the vines drop, as no amount of luck, scaling to full luck, changes the % for the drop chance on that website. I do not know if that website is 100% accurate, but based on the data from the website, the conclusion can be reached that luck does NOT affect Squirming Vines drop chance. However, until we get some AGS Dev clarity on this, we will just have to make our best guesses.

Yes sir,

I’ve read them, and the big one read it a few times, though not recently.

I don’t recall any reference to crafting perks. - only Legendary Drops, Schematics, and Trophy Mats, of which squirming vines is none, thus why would it be affected by luck?

-here again, lack of clarity- The playerbase values squirming vines as a legendary item but do the tables? – I would estimate not.

now then, Gathering luck can and does scale you out of certain drops for sure. -AKA snail fishing, tested and known.

I know gathering and global luck are different, but why would the principle coding structure be vastly different? Too much global luck could then certainly be bumping you out of the vines and even other buckets. – again pure speculation.

In short, I would tend to agree with what is found here, squirming vines are not something impacted by high global luck - perhaps intentionally, perhaps … not.


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I agree, that is why I was hoping one of the Devs could provide some clarity for things like this.

Thanks, @Ryladryl!

You are right, I must have added one more screenshot (just like you did it) showing that there’s no difference in drop chance with full and 0 luck

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Just so you know - even if drop would be affected and you would be running whooping 60% luck, your chance of getting Squirming Vines from chest would rise from ‘not a chance’ to ‘are you stupid? still not a chance’. I love how games do that, showing care for players and their mental health <3

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That’s why I posted the Loaded Dice chance calculation. 0.07% with full luck and 0.005% without is a VERY big difference. Are you supposed to be the one who will get that drop?

No! But if you get - this is like winning in a lottery - you gonna get unique feelings and emotions which wouldn’t be possible with a higher drop chance

Luck does not affect the rate at which items are dropped, but the quality of the item when a drop is triggered.
Luck also is NOT a factor in determining the rarity of a non-named item.
Global luck in New World will increase your chances at the following low-drop-chance items
Named Weapons
Rare resources (crafting materials and perk items etc)
Trade Skill Armors
Trophy Materials
Unique Armor from Expedition Bosses
Global Luck = When a player finds something in a chest, or gets a drop from a monster, this improves the player’s chance that the item(s) received will be Named (in the case of weapons and armor) or Rare (in the case of items like schematics or storage chests)
If you had a sword equipped that provided you a 2% bonus Luck, a ring that added 3% bonus Luck, and a bag with 3% bonus Luck, then your additional Luck would be 8%. This would raise both the floor (shortening the roll possibilities for that roll) and increase your luck ceiling by adding additional luck to your rolls, which would provide a better chance for you to earn named items from enemies when an item is dropped. This only improves your odds and is not a guarantee that a rare item will drop

What are you even talking about there? You probably need to learn the topic a bit better, because the rate is affected. Chests and Mobs drops are different things

QUALITY of item ARE NOT affected by the luck, you better don’t read articles of people who didn’t managed to calculate drop chances

But at least this is right. Because rarity is just amount of perks and +1 when attributes are presented

And you don’t really need the article you linked when you can just calculate exact drop chances on NWGuide

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I dont need a calculator to tell me something I have done in my over 4k hours played in the game since the day it came out plus another 2k Beta testing.
Luck (pearls) had an issue last year where it wasn’t working correctly, that was addressed.
When we flagged up for PVP it used to tell us the luck bonus ( of coarse it doesn’t anymore)
I can flag up, put on my luck gear with all pearls, luck jewelry with pearls, luck weapons, eat my luck food, have all 3 major luck trophy’s hanging (which I switched out of and went back to my 3 lower ones) and go on these chest runs, and boss farming outings, and get nothing, not even fluffy stuffing.
I can switch over to not being flagged, in my regular gear, no luck nothing, no luck gear, no luck weapons, no luck jewelry, no luck food, and just hang my 3 lower luck trophys, and I get loaded dice, stacked decks, precision armoring and engineering tools, notes on Aeternum Fauna, squirming vines, golden scarabs, and every boss drop I go for.
The thing about the floor and ceiling is 100% accurate.
I run sarcophagus chests every day, 5-7 rounds of them a day.
Just rinse and repeat.
And every day I get one or more (usually more) of these drops every day.
Not flagged, no luck gear, no luck food, nothing.
The more chests you run, the more and better the rewards you will get.
We tested this out in PTR to see the differences when other players brought it up to us, and so we brought our practices to the live game and have been running it this way ever since.
I have met players who swear by all the luck and pvp crap, and I have met others who play it the same way I and others play (with no luck or pvp).
P.S. I was in my regular gear (actually just came out of an M10 with my buddy) when he said lets go do a Reek run, I got 2 squirming vines on that run (which I sold to him).
So, I dont know about the whole numbers game, or calculators, or whatever.
I just know that this has been my experience, and what works for me.

This is what I’m talking about. It does provides you with 10% luck bonus (versus just 4.5% from THREE major trophies)

And that’s great! Some want to min-max their chances, some are fine with playing the way they like

I just want to know where you are meant to get these.

With a 0.2% chance of reekwater chests I could run chests every day and not get it in a year (like I’ve never gotten a precision engineering tool or armouring trophy).