Drop Locations & Rates

It would appear that there are no sites that can give accurate information on drop locations & rates.
I’ve been searching for Weaver’s Shirt and Weaver’s Shoes.
Now there are a few sites like NWDB, NWFans & etc. but none of these have any real information.
Is there any site that has proper info or how do i proceed?

Dynasty summoner is what NWDB says drops the shirt, yet after killing all the mobs named summoner multiple times i still have not seen it.

it took me 3 hours to get an armorer shirt from Bartholomew, others get multiple shirts within an hour, rngesus just isn’t on your side today.

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Yeah, took me forever to get the armorers set, i had to buy the pants in the end. I’m yet to see the weaver’s shirt, have not even seen it on the TP.
I really want the shirt and shoes to complete the set for a 10% chance of extra phoenix weave

Im pretty positive you can’t get extra cd material from crafting

You can with the refining gear.

You can. I get extra Runic Leather, Phoenixweave and Glittering Ebony about every other CD. You just need gear.


I have around 300 solo kills on “Erlander” (I have a way to kill him with spear, no exploits, just stun lock)
He is the only mob that drops Weaver’s Shoes. You can expect around 3-5 shoes and 1 Legendry 600gs item from 100 kills with around 35% luck.

Also about having info of drops rates from mobs is hard to say in this game because of the %Luck you run. And how luck works in this game, maybe if I had less luck I would have seen more shoes since they are “blue” rarity, who knows?

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with 6% i proc’ed 3 in the one craft so i got 13 that day

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