Drop of Legendary Artefacts in new patch

Will they finally add it in the upcoming patch today or are we still supossed to wait till we can craft the light void armor or any legendary weapons? :slight_smile:

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I will keep an eye here to see if other players feel that the drop rate has increased with this newest patch.

can i get the link to this quote pls

some of the items too make legendary items dont even exist in the game like the ice crystal core

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[Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 at the bottom

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I hope it does, thank you. Because there are none people on my server that would have anything to make a legendary weapon or light void.

This is a hugely important issue for a large portion of the end-game playerbase. We’ve been getting legendary crafting components and leveling our professions to 200 in order to make many items, such as Warpwood, but nobody can get the final legendary piece needed.

If we could get some more clear info from a dev on whether these were dropping at all (some say yes very rarely on their server and some say no they aren’t in the game) that would be awesome. Also, information on the promised changes the OP originally references would be awesome.

Cheers. Can’t wait to try out the patch. I’ll be keeping my eye on the AH for these rare items!

True, i’ll update my post if i will drop it by myself or one of my friends. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. I’ll keep this thread open and do the same.

If you hear anything about this from the team please update this post. We’d be very grateful. Cheers.

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The “Luck sweet spot” has been confirmed in the patch notes, altho everybody ensured us this was not a thing.

The short version is we had a couple of probabilities that were multiplying each other resulting in a near-zero chance of some already-rare items dropping. This combined with an issue that could make it next to impossible for an item to drop if your luck values were too high (not exactly how luck should work!), which translated into a “luck sweet spot” that you had to be in to even have a chance (that near-zero chance) at getting a drop.

However they say it only applied to resources, not to the drops we need for crafting our weapons. So who knows. In-Game when you hover over the missing part it actually says “Drops from Humanoid Creatures”, which led many people to believe, that the mob dropping those items does not actually exist. This was then confirmed by them adding humanoid creatures into the game, which however are only low level. Not sure if you can actually drop it from those.

We will have to wait and see… Just to emphasise this: The above was just a conspiracy theory, altho there is real evidence to it, as mentioned the mob that is supposed to drop those items only just got added.

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Humanoid mobs are also mobs at myrkgard.

No they are all corrupted every single one of them. I mean I guess from a visual perspective you are right, clearly they are humans. But game-wise they count as corrupted. :smiley:

Note: There is even a separate tooltip (unfortunately I cant remember on which item), that specifically says drops from corrupted. So those are 2 different things. But it would be nice, if they changed that. Your point makes perfect sense, because they all look human.

Ow, okay so thats kinda cringe. :smiley: But, yea that would be really nice. :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it just be easier to tell us if the actual drop rate was increased rather than wait for players to say if it “feels” like it has increased? :rofl:

Wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a simple number or symbol mistake in the code. Things like these take 10000x longer to identify than it takes to actually fix it.

Where did u drop it from?

45+ elite mobs

Ok, can u be more precise? :smiley: Mobs or elites? Cuz those two are totally different.