Drop rates for sumptuous rabbit, tolvium and cinnabar and chest bugs

Tir Na Nog

The drop rates are messed up, I used to get about 10 sumptuous rabbit in a 40 min run with skinning gear and skinning food on, after 1.1 update I am getting 1 per 40 min hunting. Also, when I’m running full mining gear luck and mining food on I used to get at least 1 drop of tolvium and 2 of cinnabar per run now I have to do 3-4 runs to get the same.
Please also note I have 3 skinning trophies and 3 mining trophies equipped in my 3 houses.
Either the drops are messed up or the lucky on the gear, house & food boost are not working.

About chests, many chests are bugged, it does the animation of opening forever and does not give the drop.

I have not played yesterday 19/11/2021 because it is frustrating and not worth the time (hours wasted) and effort eating your food and equipping your best gear to have this drop rate.


Simple enable PVP and get a 30% luck gathering bonus you’ll soon get alot more!

That cant be the solution… to force everyone into pvp!

No rabbits are defiantly broken, i killed 100 rabbits in full skinning gear in PvP plus food and got nothing. Then i took off skinning gear and went to farm fibers, killed 6 rabbits on the way and got 2 drops.

Agreed and then I should drop 15 while pvp flagged, it helps but it is still messed up

I did get one drop as well with my luck gear on

are people actually thinking that skinning improves the meat?

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