Druid themed weapon

If I think about it, rarely any game provides in depth magic of any sort. Like Natural magic could be split for example into something with birds like crows, insects, plagues etc. Damn, sending crows or insects to eat my enemy alive, pretty dope

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we have a fire staff, ice gauntlet… something focused on void, or lightning would be great ¿a magic wand?..maybe some sort of spiked shield too, to go with a 2 shield build, a flail could be great too…maybe the void weapon could be a grimoire or something similar

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Astronomes used Astrolables, since we live in this conquer era, having one like this obraz
in your hand, but instead filled with some sort of arcane magic would be dope, it would work as a focus of your spells for example. Wind and water magic could be also dope, but seeing earth magic/themed stuff can also look great like my beloved Necromancy. GW actully had nice visuals for earth magic. you had stones and stalactites floating around you, which you could use like weapons on distance, you could create, drop,. shoot stones, make earthen and magnetic shields or huge swamp area. Jiraya style


I would like to see a Dagger+Pistol set like Sword+Shield … i feel that would fit in very thematically

Two-handed sword is very conquistador …

1 hand mace with the shield … and maybe flail


I’d like to see some sort of pugilist that can channel the corruption to go full reaver. Weapon could be specialised bracers. We have a lot of big weapons, be nice to see something in the other direction

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I love all these ideas. Absolutely noted!


dagger and pistol would be sick like a swashbuckler type of class

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We have Rifles, what is with pistols or dual pistols like some enemys?

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I think air magic/lightning themed chakrams would be really cool! You could use them in melee combat or throw them and have them bounce between enemies before coming back to you. One of the abilities could have the chakrams twirl around you like a tornado.

Now we are talking dope stuff :smiley:


we also have a level 60 zone with an asian theme, ¿maybe some eastern weapons?

80’s flashback. You’re welcome.

Rather than animal transformations I’d rather they make Druid be more of a mix of animal tamer and ‘blue mage’ from FF. Blue mage for those that don’t know, basically was able to copy skills from NPC mobs. For millenials to understand, its the sharingan. Got it? Good.

Druid weapon: 1 Handed Wand (FOC/INT scaling). Can equip and use SHIELD but has no shield skills. Just helps to block.

  • Light Attack: Ranged only, fires a zap of energy, lightning like visually but green that has long range (same as bow).
  • Heavy Attack: Melee only. Wand charges up and when it strikes foe, it makes the ground 5m radius under target grow roots that roots (no pun intended) targets for 4s. Does less damage than light attack.

Tree 1: Tamer

A- Passives set as first line options:

  • Tame Beast (tames beast-type creatures)
  • Tame Magical Creature (tames Elementals)
  • Contract (able to make a contract with Lost/Drowned and angry earth)

These passives change the way npc mobs are defeated. Rather than dying right away they become incapacitated just like player are in PVP… you can then tame them… or kill them for xp. If you tame them, you will get a soulgem token for each monster type. You can only un-summon full health pets that are not in combat. The soulgems are assigned to the consumables slots. So yes you can ‘stack’ tons of stored soulgem pets because if your pet dies, its soulgem gets consumed. One soulgem type per monster type.

To summon or unsummon beast just use the consumable slot.

Soulgems cannot be traded.

Mastery skill passive is the ability to summon up to 3 pets at once. Each pet will drain mana at a slow rate while out.

B. Skills

  • Skill 1: Tamed Melee Attack (orders pet to attack in melee)
  • Skill 2: Tamed Ranged attack (orders pet to attack only with ranged ability. Ranged ability for creatures that dont have ranged would be the lunge-distance melee rush type attack)
  • Skill 3: Tamed ‘Follow’ command (orders pets to follow you or target and protect them)

If your target is self or an ally the pet will perform buffs or heals depending on creature type. Melee buffs/heals are AOE while ranged are single target. When in follow the pet will buff follow target when entering combat, heal when follow target is under 50% hp (if it has a heal) and attack anything attacking follow target with melee or ranged (pet will return the same attack type…aka if follow target is hit by ranged attack, it will use a ranged attack on it).

Remaining Passive on this tree are all about pet’s atk/def/timers/etc.

Tree 2: SoulBind

Soulbind tree is about taking monster special abilities for your own. You sacrifice a soulgem to gain the creature’sability. This lasts until you sacrifice another gem to replace it.

When using a monster’s ability the wand or shield in your hand will transform into an ‘energy’ version of it for the visual execution of the attack. Aka a wolf bite would turn your wand into floating energy jaws that snap shut on target in melee range.

You can NOT take skills from CONTRACT type mobs. Only from beasts.

Skill 1: Use Copied ability (one tap) / Assign Q (hold down for 3 seconds to use ASSIGN function)
Skill 2: Use Copied ability(one tap) / Assign R (hold down for 3 seconds to use ASSIGN function)
Skill 3: Use Copied ability (one tap) / Assign F (hold down for 3 seconds to use ASSIGN function)

For example, you press ASSIGN skill the game will make your avatar hold wand to its forehead and glow like a firefly on crack. While in that state you are rooted … and you choose which gem to sacrifice by selecting a gem in your consumable slots.

Let’s say you had a WOLF in consumable slot keybind 3. Let’s say you wanted to use its ‘lunge/rush’ skill for your own.

If you have any other pets you must unsummon them since ASSIGN only works when only 1 pet is out.

You summon the wolf by pressing 3. You tell it to attack Ranged a target. Target dies. Wolf automatically returns to your side. Its last order received was RANGED ATTACK on a hostile target.

You hold down Q for 3 seconds to ‘assign Q’ … avatar roots & glows… you press 3 to sacrifice the WOLF gem. Gem is destroyed and the summoned wolf vanishes in a flash of light…then the Wolf’s ghost appears in front of you and JUMPS into your wand (by your forehead) , shrinking and getting sucked into your head.

Your Q slot now has ‘Wolf Rush’ . If you press Q you will execute this attack.

Creatures whose last command was ‘follow’ will give the player any buff or heal ability the creature possesses.

Passives for this tree are all about synergizing with a summoned creature’s own attacks. Aka 'after pet ranged attack, for 5s any of your own ranged attacks gets X effect/bonus/whatever).

Mastery Perk is the ability to gain skills from CONTRACTED monsters with some limits (there would be some skills you cannot take).

As you can see, the players wishing to use monster skills would need to consider the possibility of taking all 6 skills to have full capability but at the cost of some passives… or just focus on the ranged or melee or buff/heal ability skills to copy them. Tamer users focus on using monsters as pets though but they would be limited to light/heavy attacks themselves.

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a slashing polearm maybe?, like a woldo/guandao (or a halberd)

a 1 handed maze (that can go with the shield as for now, only swords use it)

Slings maybe could work


Obviously greatswords (or bastard swords)


spiked gauntlets

Just a pole (or Bo)


scepters, for another magic-themed weapon




trying to think about more magic weapons… a “druid” based one, that scales with the same skill as the health staff…(even if its a more offensive one)

those are all the weapons I would lov eto see in the game some day

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Very interesting!


I love that you posted Manimal, haha! Great suggestions.

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They could have two skill trees that use other ingame mechanics - Corruption and Blight. Instead of managing mana, the would have to manage stacks of corruption/blight building up as they use their abilities, with passives that would reduce the speed at which they accumulate. Also give additional use to corrpution/blight resistance potions

Since you mentioned this:

Can you tell the Dev’s to fix the cat sounds, please?!!

Every cat in game (other than possibly the Ebonscale Tigers) are small cats, and DO NOT sound like tigers or lions!! (as they currently do in game).

Side note aside, it’d be nice to see a few additions:

Differentiate between shortbow/longbow users - make shortbow skirmishers, vs hunter/siege longbow users.

Druid class (staff user) would be viable given the setting in game (angry earth has a template already)

Pistol and dual daggers also have templates in game.

Necro/cultist would fit well into the lore/playstyle also

Maybe it can also heal? :slight_smile: but druid is a great idea

Id love to see a mace/shield combo that has a healing tree and a tank tree.

Id also like more magic in general. No burning need for specifics. Just more

I do like the idea of a brass knuckle kind of style too.

Ive been wanting a Lightning magic gauntlet since beta. There is lightning effects in game for npc’s