Druid themed weapon

wouldnt a druid be geared towards trees not animals? Awen to you all <3

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That does sound awesome, what other types of weapon and armor themes would you like to see?


I would definitely like to see some corrupted or necro type of stuff. We also got fire and demonology was a real theme back then, just imagine what we could have with that

Honestly, I think you need to re-evaluate equipment-load bonuses.

You have medium Load as -10% damage (light gives +20%, Medium Load is +10% Damage/+10% CC) but you seem to have it set that DPS-types will use Medium armor, as per accepted conventions (Al la; Rogues).
But the best DPS will be LIGHT loads, and thus mostly Light armor.

Why not do this:
Light Load (And thus Light Armor): +10% Damage, +10% Healing, +x% Increased Mana Regen (Insert balanced number for ‘x’)
Medium Load (And thus Medium Armor): +20% Damage

Thus, you have the accepted Healers/Spellcasters in Light, & DPS in Medium.

While Spellcasters would then get more damage out of Medium, they get more MANA out of Light, and thus have less downtime, which could mean roughly equal DPS to a Medium load.

Edit: Or, in place of Mana Regen, make it so spells COST less in a light load.


I would love to see death (necromancer) themed armor and magic. Blood magics and armors made from bones of enemies… :+1:



Oh Hai there, Azreal!
Agreed. Completely.


I’d love a weapon themed around blight spells, poisons, spores, thorns and entangling vines.

Angry Earth Staff I suppose that would be!


That is a really great idea. Very aligned with existing lore.


Katana, Kunai, Kusarigama, Shuriken, Odachi (Maybe as skin of a great sword) and Guja weapons
Samurai, Oni and Ninja armor skins

Here are some suggested weapons you could possibly have and weapon spec suggestions

Druid like build : Astral Staff Masteries: Astral: focuses on nature magic,/Feral: animal tranformation
Necromancer: Grimoire Masteries: Death magic: Focuses on poison, blight, or blood magic / Summoner your skele boy pet build :smiley:
Witch Doctor: Dagger Masteries: Voodoo: cc mastery with poison/ Medicine Healing and spirit magic

I would love to see black magic/necromancy/corruption. Could be in a form of a grimoire.
It could have low damage with a lot of debufs, poisons, life steal… Healing through dealing damage or something similar.

Then I would like to see lightning staff. We got fire and ice, while lightning is in game but doesnt have a weapon. Lightning bolt, chain lightning and for example some static field as attacks.

Then double pistols (like some enemies are heaving, like pirates) low range, spread, dex based dual wield fun.

The last but not least could be a druid staff which could summon animals, like wolves, bears, aligators or shapeshift you into an animal for a period of time.

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I would absolutely love to see a greatsword or a longsword in the game as well as halberds and poleaxes! It would fit the period very nicely as italians and spaniards loved a good longsword.

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If I think about it, rarely any game provides in depth magic of any sort. Like Natural magic could be split for example into something with birds like crows, insects, plagues etc. Damn, sending crows or insects to eat my enemy alive, pretty dope

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we have a fire staff, ice gauntlet… something focused on void, or lightning would be great ¿a magic wand?..maybe some sort of spiked shield too, to go with a 2 shield build, a flail could be great too…maybe the void weapon could be a grimoire or something similar

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Astronomes used Astrolables, since we live in this conquer era, having one like this obraz
in your hand, but instead filled with some sort of arcane magic would be dope, it would work as a focus of your spells for example. Wind and water magic could be also dope, but seeing earth magic/themed stuff can also look great like my beloved Necromancy. GW actully had nice visuals for earth magic. you had stones and stalactites floating around you, which you could use like weapons on distance, you could create, drop,. shoot stones, make earthen and magnetic shields or huge swamp area. Jiraya style


I would like to see a Dagger+Pistol set like Sword+Shield … i feel that would fit in very thematically

Two-handed sword is very conquistador …

1 hand mace with the shield … and maybe flail


I’d like to see some sort of pugilist that can channel the corruption to go full reaver. Weapon could be specialised bracers. We have a lot of big weapons, be nice to see something in the other direction

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I love all these ideas. Absolutely noted!


dagger and pistol would be sick like a swashbuckler type of class

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We have Rifles, what is with pistols or dual pistols like some enemys?

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