Dry Tree BOT rawhide

I found bot farm rawhide everyday, everytime when he online just farm rawhide rawhide and rawhide, he selling coin, I have reported it in game for more than 1 month but it hasn’t been banned.
Nickname : Winizdone
Server Dry Tree - EU Central


@Wyvernn @Luxendra

Hello @bobbygaming1x,

I am sorry to hear of your negative experience and thank you for taking the time to report this to us.

You have done correctly in using the in-game tools to report player/companies in case there is any violation to the Terms of Service.

In this case I suggest you also use the tool to report a player or company outside the game and be sure to provide a link to the video so our moderators can get better visibility:

Thank you again for helping us keep the community clean and see you in Aeternum! :wolf:

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