Dry Tree - The Forsaken Gurkhas - Food Exploit at Everfall War. 14/11/2021

I have the full VOD, the leaders trading them food and teaching them how to exploit, that’s only a 1 minute clip.

The 2nd clip clearly you can hear “Ok now you should eat your food you got from “Giga” one at a time

The hatchet again…
We had only 1 war, Everfall (DEFENDING) already had everfall) then they patched it.

You’re saying 50 people even the healers were using hatchet the reality is only 10-14 people using hatchets and atm still hatchet players, not because of the bug

We didn’t attacked any city in the period of the hatchet exploit only defended

Your faction also using hatchet & Resilient perk bug that made you unkillable also speedrunning influence to attack cities so why complain?

Have a nice day!

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Where do you see 50 people?
Half of of them didn’t even know about the meeting spot.
I only heard about this after the fight was over . so don’t u dare to lie here man.
and dont bullshit that your “greater for community” company didnt exploit this as well. This is already known, don’t deny it.

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the difference between your company and mine it’s we didn’t attacked any city just defended, we didn’t rushed influence to attack other cities to keep abusing the exploit, and yes you said 30 out of 50 using hatchet, if you have any vod of the defence you will see max 13-14 using hatchet with the exploit
WE NEVER SAID EVERYONE LET’S PLAY HATCHET like ur leader did, with the food, the players that used hatchet did on their own non influenced by the leaders.

Actually it’s a pointless argue atm. Both side overact a bit. I accept that not all of purple used the exploit, and you should also accept that most of us not using exploit on purpose.

Also i fully agree with you, each player who use anything (regardless of color) should get some punishment.

But you also need to accept (because it’s a fact), that we didn’t needed hatchet bug to win. We conquered brightwood AFTER they fixed it, but you still telling, that we win everytime with exploitin which is clearly not true. We conquered the other 2 before the hatchet bug. As long as it was a bug, we didn’t started war just defended.

I agree, but we legitimately only have 5 players in the current roster who have max level hatchet and 2 who are actively using it. So saying that we abused it is a blatant lie.

In the end, even using the exploit on defense it is still an exploit.

Hence why I think this blew up the way it did, because from our standpoint this is witchhunting and hypocritical.

Hi there,

If you search in forum “dry tree” you will find out few topics with your company’s (Elites (I assume that you are from ELTIES)) bug abuses.

Example topic " Hatchet Damage Exploit"

Please stop defending your company.

This forum topic was made about Syndicate bug exploiting. No one can deny that it actually happened. We all know that.

BUT. please stop lying. Most of syndicate players records every single war. IF you want your proof that your company (Elites (I assume that you are from ELTIES)) abused multiple bugs.
As example : Food bug / hatchet damage bug / invincibility. You cannot deny this cause if you really want we can upload multiple videos with proof where ELITE squad abused mentioned bugs.

PS. And you guys are telling that only few members of ELITES used bug. That you actually did it without bug exploits. BUT and this is huge BUT you only need 1 player with bug abuse to make huge difference in wars.

PS #2
Twitch Brightwood war where its clearly visible that ELITE company used Hatchet damage bug.
Twitch Everfall war where its clearly visible that few of ELITE members used Hatchet damage bug.

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That’s the thing though, you can’t see with this ‘proof’ that the food was traded to all of them. AND that they even used it, which comes back to my earlier statement that it’s defamatory to post 50 players names here as cheaters when there is no proof to back it up.

We never stated anywhere that you only won because of bug abuse. Elites have clearly been more organised than us in the past wars and that is something we need to work on.

But coming to this server with a gear advantage and on top of that exploit the bug of the week is just adding salt to the wounds and totally unnecessary.

u know that with the hatchet bug, even 10 people could melt an entire warband of 50 by themselves. In that case your leader should have told them not to do that, but low and behold he/she didn’t . after the Everfall fight, Our leaders explicitly stated to NOT use the bug in following wars against actually honorable opponents…
It was done specially for you, and ye, Everfall was taken with the hatchet bug, no point denying it . Every synd was watching as it went down to peace’s. Tanks were shattered in seconds while in heals. And fight was lost in minutes, doesn’t make sense when best warriors are defending it, It had nothing to do with tactics, it was all hatchet, through and through
This was more of a statement, that you are not the only ones that can use Bugs to get what you want. Although we lost, we still won in this sense.
When Elites are no longer the only ones exploiting, they run Crying to Amazon that Synd Bad, ban them all, etc.
Showing the true colors oh “greater for community” Elites was Victory enough.

P.S i wont deny that it was done by us and it wasn’t right, but what ever is right in this 2 month old game.

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It’s logic, Syndicate haven’t even captured A or B on any attack on Everfall and magically they manage to capture 2/3 of final point, and their hp bar also magically going up every 3s

Well, it’s hard to cap a point when a hatchet oneshots our healers :slight_smile:
And to add on that, we always capped at least one point so no more ‘not even a single point’ BS.

I said: Syndicate haven’t even captured A or B

not even a single point, but yes keep lying

Actually you can check it back if you recorded everything how many defenders were on C in Everfall. Cos literally 0. You capped it without defenders, that’s not a big achievment :smiley:

But check it on the recorded videos :slight_smile:

It was someone else that said that a few times previously, my bad man.

We got Everfall / Windsward / Brightwood without using any exploit, you’re saying all elites are cheaters because in 1 defense 13 players used the exploit

It wasn’t even an attack like you do, to try to claim some free land

And now seriously even without the hatchet exploit we were winning every fight you really tought you could get it ?

There’s no reason to get cocky here now.

We never used the hatchet in wars, and if some did it was not even close to the 13-14 players you mentioned but whatever, this is just a you-say i-say argument.

I agreed with @tamas.bota87 earlier on the fact that there is proof some used it. But if you cannot find me in the middle ground that it’s exaggerated to believe the majority of those 50 people mentioned here did not partake in it, then there is no rational discussion to be had.

Refer to my earlier statement about not getting cocky.
I have acknowledged above here that Elites have been more organised in wars than us in the past, we are working on it and need to improve further.

I’m just talking in base what I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a line of 50 guys and the leaders saying “free food” with one guy explaining how to use the exploit, and 10s before war starts “Ok now you should eat your food you got from “Giga” one at a time” , I asume you didn’t kept it for decoration
and also I’ve seen a lot of people taking 0 damage

Anyways, next patch


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Well Fed buff to stack from different tiers and types of food.

Good Luck on next fights! play clean and whoever used the exploit asume their consequences.

Well if you’d actually counted them it’s not 50 people there but my point still stands.

About the 0 damage part, you might’ve made the mistake many of us do in wars and not use greataxe / warhammer which is the whackamole meta for years to come.

Edit: This last segment was not a diss towards you, just towards the incoming nerfs for ranged and somehow buffs for the most used weapons in wars lol.

It’s funny how you defend how exploiters you are talking about others, why you talk about elites in a Forsaken Gurkhars post?

This is the policy of and you more, and you more and you more and you more?

I have yet to read a reasonable explanation, accept that you have been caught or an apology for being cheaters, all I read is stuff from other clans that have nothing to do with the post…

As always a disappointment…

Fortunately, you don’t need explanations as Amazon clearly states “AS IN THIS CASE”.

Yes, if you read the image, it is clear, “AS IN THIS CASE”.

By the way on Twitch it seems that showing exploits live is against the terms and conditions.

You won’t be able to sleep for fear and spinning in your head.

No matter what you think or what you want to sell us, Amazon thinks this case is an abuse of bugs, what they call u Exploiters.

All New World and Dry Tree still waiting for acceptance or apology.