Dual-wield and be able to use shields w. all one-handed weapons


You should really be able to dual wield one-handed (swords, hatchets) weapons. The “berserker”-talent tree feels quite incomplete without being able to use two hatchets.

Likewise you should be able to use shields with all one-handed weapons and break out the shield traits to a separate talent-tree available for all one-handed weapons.

One-handed swords talent-tree
Hatchets talent-tree
Weapon-agnostic dual-wielding talent-tree
Weapon agnostic shield talent-tree

Thanks for your work so far and really looking forward to dual-wield and shields (for all one-handed weapons) being implemented.

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Best Regards - TheSwede86


I think this is a really good idea for sure, might take some balancing to work out, solo wield vs duel wield. But agree with you on feeling like something is missing there.

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I think a that the shield talent-tree (“Defender”?) is already good enough to be broken out to a separate weapon talent-tree since it doesn’t mention “Swords” specifically.

What is needed is then to implement a generic “dual-wield” weapon talent-tree.
That way you don’t need to create a “dual-wield” weapon talent-tree for every 1h-weapon.

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Hear me now, I will be happy with just a cosmetic weapon on the off hand, just to see my character holding a duplicate of its mainhand. No need to balance, or add anything else but new animations for dual wielding.

But of course a dedicated dual wield tree would be great. Easier to balance if the dual wield weapon item is actually two weapons for the same slot. It is something than other games already implemented like that.


Yeah that actually makes a lot of sense to do it that way.

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its good idea)

Yah and I’d also like a shield with gun like the Lost heavy NPC at some pirate camps, it could be a cool ranged tank just give it short range and maybe a knockback

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Separate straight sword and shield talent trees are necessary. A “weapon-agnostic” dual-wielding talent tree will be at the very least extremely tricky to implement if at all possible.

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I don’t know how I feel about the premise of “weapon agnostic” shield and dual wielding trees, as opposed to just having alternate weapon classes/trees that cover any dual wielding or shield having combos, but I definitely support putting something in the currently empty offhand, and adding dual wielding for sure.

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The biggest problem is due to how the shield was implemented in the first place (as part of the sword tree) AGS will have to completely redo the whole system regardless of how they chose to implement weapon-agnostic shield and dual-wielding.

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If they implemented weapon agnostic shield or dual-wielding, yes they’d have to rework some of what they have, starting with the sword+shield stat allocation (where swords apparenlty have less than other weapons to account for shield having some)

But they could also not do the weapon agnostic thing, and have, say, dual wielding hatchets be a totally separate weapon class from having one hatchet. Separate skill tree and possibly even seprate weapon drops. You wouldn’t take your current hatchet and dual wield it, you’d have to get an actual hatchet-dual-wield weapon, in that case.

It is a different mechanism they might use.
They also might do the whole agnostic thing.
…and they might do nothing leaving us to be annoyed by all the weapons that leave one hand unused. We’ll see.

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Because of the extreme complexity and the amount of work involved in such an endeavor, my bet is that they just won’t touch the system, at least not in the short or the medium term. I believe we can all agree there are much more pressing matters. They might also never touch the weapon system at all. It’s weird and it’s annoying, and it could definitely be much better, but it works.

Who came up with tying such a diverse “weapon” as a shield to the 1h-sword and then on top of that don’t implement dual-wield?

I want to be able to dual-wield all 1h-weapons especially the hatchet.
I want to be able to use the pistol (if it gets released) together with a shield such as certain mobs do.

I don’t want to run around with a single hatchet which looks extremely weird, did no-one at Amazon say “Hey, look. Dual-wielding how about that?” “Nah people don’t want that 2021”

I love the game but some oversights are really weird.
I am talking about actual oversights and not bugs / technical issues but design.


Some of the mobs carry dual pistols. I wish we can do that.


If we’re allowed to dream: I wish I could use spear and shield. Imagine armies using shield walls and tetsudo formations in wars. Imagine all the possibilities that would open up if all one-handed weapons and the shield could be freely used in the main and off-hand independently.

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the weapon variety needs an overhaul asap I completely agree. I would love to wield something cooler than a rapier, like a heavy greatsword or scythe or… double shields…

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I can see it now… hatchet players running a shield…

This in my opinion would be way too powerful, you can mitigate 30% damage with the shield skill tree. Not to mention hatchet players have the obvious berserk, but they can reduce healing by 30% to enemy players… in an AoE!! sickening!!

I suppose while we are dreaming it could be set so that if you ran hatchet with a shield you lose some of the power of the hatchet. Not sure how AGS would go about programming it or how a player would switch between weapon & shield and just weapon but it could be possible somehow maybe.

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I also second this. I would respec for spear and shield.

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100% need shield speration and some kind of loadout diversity I.E. dual weilding skills or Specific ofhand weapons Like Estocs and parrying daggers

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