Due to some leaks

Some datamine leaks suggest mounts will be coming. with that being said i think mounts akin to Atlantis mounts (see bottom picture) would be awesome. Now im not saying straight up rip them off but the way they look could really really fit with the theme of Azoth and untapped power. could be a very cool mount we could ride.

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I want a giant turkey mount
I really want a giant turkey mount.


Group finder and some other stuff is also coming.

Glad the devs are at least smart enough to see through the illogical BS that people like to spew regarding those features

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i dont understand what is even bad about a group finder. as far as im aware its existance doesnt mean you cant get a group without it


People rage about it because they think spamming chat is valuable social interaction.
Literal social rejects


A dungeon finder should have been in release.
It’s proven to be far too useful in other MMOs.


yeah and they could still do it at the same time aswell. they dont like that group finder makes what they willing choose to do easier and they dont want to use the easy method i guess.


sounds like people that do not want minimap…

Something, something, communities, something, something, something, destroyed.

I dunno. It’s all bs.


There is nothing bad about it. For some reason ie. WoW people think it kills the mmo. I have seen so many ridiculous reasons people give for why LFD (looking for dungeon) is bad. LFD only helps the mmo especially for new people joining late or those wanting to do lower level duneons.


I want an alligator… the smaller ones would be fantastic… lol

I wonder how a dungeon group finder would work in this game with the orb system? Does everyone need an orb for group finder? Does it random whose orb it takes? Does it take everyone’s orb if they use group finder? Do they just get rid of the orb? Maybe they just give one daily dungeon in group finder for free?

might be as simple as a menu of people looking for a group and like you could make your group and tag yourself as having an orb. thats my guess

The problem is that WoW introduced cross server dungeon matchmaking alongside the LFG tool. You’d almost never see the same person twice, and even if you did, most likely they were from a different server so befriending each other was a waste of time since you could only play with each other at complete random.

I think people just don’t realize what actually ruined the sense of community. It wasn’t an inherent problem of the LFG matchmaking.

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That depends on what kind of group finder we are talking about. If it is simply a group finder interface then it’s relatively harmless with the exception of possible RMT gold and boost spam but if it’s a something similar to the cross realm automatic group finder that was introduced in WOTLK then it absolutely kills the social aspect of running dungeons.

Hm. I would hope that they remove orbs all together.



Some of these skins look good… if they release them…

I think these are ‘leaks’. :wink:

idk how moderators feel about posting the links but as long as it isnt me :relaxed:

It actually keeps people playing (LRD/LFR). Hence why all the other mmos (or least most of the big name mmos) have added that same system. IMO the majority of today’s gamers don’t want the whole “community feel” when it comes to doing content they want to do. Many want to solo mmmos and be able to just queue for a dungeon/raid. Join. Complete it asap. Then leave. Also no one even really talks in them. It is gogogo mentality.

But also, cross realm helps for those on low pop servers. Most people aren’t doing old content or low level content so when new players join or people who make alts, LFD/LFR is a huge help for them so they can at least get in a group in a lot shorter amount of time than only a their server queue where no one may queue.

You want fish mounts in the game that has no swimming?