Due to some leaks

People dont want a dungeon finder - as in, you hit join, it matches you with other players then teleports you to the dungeon to do your instanced dungeon with randoms you’ll never see again, from some other server, who you won’t likely say more than a single word to, then Spits you back out in the world again when you’re done.

I don’t think most people would have issue with a lfg tool.

That’s been my one big need that I would be glad if they addressed. Whenever they create a need for something and then don’t supply an easy solution, that’s just bad planning. I am now at the point where I am required to do Amrine (or whatever it’s called), and the only way to do that is to constantly pay attention to the global chat and see if someone is running it (and on a small server, it’s rare or never for announcements).

Chances are a lfg tool won’t make a whole lot of difference on low pop servers anyway.

One can dream…

not the fish part exactly. but if you wathced/remember the movie how they used the crystals to power them and they powered up and filled with that blue energy. that would be cool if they had something like that with azoth since its this similar untapped power.

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