Dungeon Amrine dissapoint

I was loving the game until i join the dungeon there are no mechanics in the boss and its very boring, just hitting hitting and hitting, you have to work a lot in dungeons i was specting something more polished


Der Dungeon ist eigentlich ganz okay aber das schlimmste ist wenn man da rein geht besteht die Gefahr wenn man im Ladebildschirm ist das man ins Hauptmenü geworfen wird das ist mir jetzt schon 2 mal passiert.

answer with the same language as me pls

In Whinerish?

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Oh hey. I am playing the easiest dungeon version and would like to complain it isn’t super hard for players who for the most part barely have their weapons skilled up fighting in paper thin gear. Nevermind that I was probably being carried by a group of players ten levels higher than me who wanted to farm for trash market gear using my quest key.
Seriously though
The mechanic to this fight is simple as it is supposed to be. You have add waves , frenzy and an air slam. There is also a puzzle bridge and another. Mini boss that cast decoys.
This dungeon is part of the quest Line.
Meanwhile the UI provides very accurate information on what your next step should be l.

The primary focus of this mission is to introduce players how to work in a group. The repeatability of this mission is to allow players to farm hear and practice working as a group.

Both are accomplished on this mission and the request structure around it

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