Dungeon "chase" effects not functioning, breaking boss fights

Enemy abilities that are supposed to chase a distant player are currently not moving at all. Notable examples:

  • The new Toxic ability in nature mutations simply appears under the named enemy’s feet and sits there for an extended time, preventing anyone from entering melee attack range without taking major damage. The description of this ability states that it is intended to chase a distant player, which clearly is not happening.
  • Isabella in the final fight of Tempest has an ability that creates four spike pillars around her. Previously these pillars would move across the ground, attempting to home in on faraway players. Now they just stay where they spawned and effectively create a wall there.

To reproduce: Enter any nature mutation or Tempest’s Heart expedition and observe the examples listed above.

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Hey there Bombz, I appreciate you taking the time to report this, I am sure the Dev team is already working on a fix but I will make sure to make note and send it up the chain for you just in case. Thanks again, have a great weekend!

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