Dungeon Finder + 15 characters for title

This game could use one. The only mmo with dungeons I can recall which didn’t have a dungeon finder was SWTOR vanilla. I believe players pushed for no dungeon finder for whatever reason. The game was held back because of it. When that game switched from subscription to free-to-play a dungeon finder was introduced and the game quality went way up. In vanilla, I labored to get one character to the level cap it wasn’t so much fun. When it went ftp and dungeon finder was introduced I ended up leveling 5 other characters to the level cap.

The greatest benefit of a dungeon finder is obviously not having to solicit for a dungeon group. I only play 2 hours a night so I’d rather queue for a dungeon than solicit. The second greatest benefit is the dungeon finder can be level locked so you get relevant level groups to enjoy the content rather than bashing through it with a high level. What is the point of creating content if it is glossed over? Or to put it another way what is the point of spending $50 on a game if you blow your load in 5 seconds?

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