Dungeon Key Crafting

I’m leveling up my stonecutting in order to start crafting orbs and be able to sell them to wanna be explorers of the dungeons. At least that was my plan until I saw that the orbs are all BOP. This is extremely frustrating for 3 reasons. 1 - If I don’t run the dungeons that much the orbs are pointless to craft because I won’t consume them really. 2 - If I did run dungeons, but didn’t have a friend leveling their stonecutting I would be stuck trying to hunt down someone with an orb to join my party even if I already have 5 friends ready to run the dungeon. 3 - This leads to the exploitation of the system by crafting an orb, selling it by way of opening a dungeon for someone for gold and then leaving party for them to take in the full party they want. This type of trade leads to unsafe situations for people to lose their gold or their hard crafted orb. A simple solution to this is a BOE version of the item and a cap on how many can be crafted during a set period of time. I feel like this removes all of the above listed concerns. Thank you for taking the time to look at this.

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