Dungeon Roulette

Hello. I’m not sure if this has been suggested, but I’ve been playing off and on since release and, while the new group finder is a positive step, it’s still difficult to get groups for certain content, particularly when the game sees a dip in the number of active players playing. This is frustrating when you’re waiting 60 minutes to find a group to run the content you’re interested in.

FFXIV has a dungeon finder that allows players to queue up for the dungeon they need and matches them up with others who have queued for a random dungeon. Players who fill needed roles like tanks and healers get a bonus in gold. There’s also a daily bonus if you run 1 random dungeon even if its below your level. This helped to match up players looking to do older content or just level up new classes. It also made it much easier for someone new to the game to dive into dungeons and raids.

Hopefully something can be looked at to make this aspect of the game a little smoother. Thanks!

While random-dungeon for lvl-dungeons might Work, this System would Not work for Mutations.

But i Support your Idea of granting some kind of Bonus for Tanks and Healer as an additional incentive to fill those roles.