Dungeon Scaling - thoughts

Probably not a popular opinion but I wish we had scaling in normal dungeons.

Some form of scaling exists in GW2, , ESO, and FFXIV. Some of these are well done and some of them… nope.

AGS has some of my favorite dungeon designs. These things are a lot of fun to play.

What bothers me is I quickly outlevel half of them, and the. They only come back every so often in mutations.

This is really great game content that I want to spam.

I wish they had some form of scaling for them. We’ve seen other MMOs show us both how to do it wrong and how to do it right. But they at leaat try.

I don’t expect to get it, bit I do wish it was there. Somethi g to make this spammable content that I can keep enjoying at max level without the challenge being gone.