Dungeon search server/pool wide

When you guys will make the dungeon search server/pool wide ?

Because on fresh server the population is going dramatic back. To find people takes 2-3 hours. But doesn’t matter of population to do this generally will make thousands of player very happy.

On regular dungeon just lfg with all role. Choose mutation wise like easy mu like lazarus, gen you will get many people than enneah. Make sure you get to m9, m10 many people there. Corruption dungeon don’t count

What the hell you are speaking ???

After cross server opr (summer).
They working slowly, yeah, but still working :smiley:

Thank you for the info. We need it immediately before more people are quitting because they can not find anyone to do pve

It takes time to build something like that, especially if stuff wasn’t designed around it on the get go.

If OPR testing goes smoothly, I’m sure 3v3’s and expeditions will follow. It will be a huge boost to end game quality.

I’m concerned about anonymity and toxicity growing from it, but let’s see.

Then we need Crossserver blocklists, too… :smiley:

I’m all for it too… BUT then trading inside the dungeon should be disabled!

new world, we need any statement…