Dungeons need this feature. Damage Ranking

The last game I played has this. Damage Ranking when in dungeon hitting those mobs.
This is important so we can see how well everyone performs and compare gears/weapons to each other.
It can boost performance and play better because of the “mini competition” in the dungeon.

Not only that, the game can also add leaderboard in damage ranking for each dungeon.

This is an example of a game that has it. Perfect World Mobile. Look at upper right corner table.

Not needed everyone know which weapon do the best dps in each dungeon …

That’s not the point.

An example of a scenario is, just now I was in Dynasty Regular, and we failed to kill the two beasts once, and this healer commented on me using ice gauntlet saying it has no damage and shouldnt be used because it is for support, I was like >_< , I used both ice gauntlet and fire staff. Turned out we did it wrong, once tank tanked one beast and we focused on the other one, we succeeded. If we have this feature, he would know that I wasn’t lacking in dealing damage. He thought we didn’t deal enough damage particularly me.

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Ice gauntlet is terrible weapon against corrupted and he was right. Range weapons in dungeons are average in themselfves as dps in pve. Every melee weapon will deal more damage.

No, he said it for different reason which I have said it, and I used BOTH with fire staff as my MAIN. I just dropped the frost area and then put down Pylon using the ice gauntlet and that’s it, switched back to fire staff as MAIN. So NO, he’s not right.

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Still Fire is average for corrupted :sunglasses: You should not use them in corrupted’s dungeons. And yes he was right stop trolling teammates and use weapons which give you bonus.

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It’s just Dynasty REGULAR, and we’re not lv 60 and I’m new still one or two weeks playing the game. I only have fire and ice as dps and we play with whatever we want/available regardless. So no, he’s still not right for the wrong reason saying ice gauntlet is FOR SUPPORT.

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It is not about who has the potential its about who is actual achieving their potential.

Not everyone executes rotations the same. Not everyone is as quick to jump into combat. Not everyone is as self sufficient or aware and takes care of healing themselves.

Tracking how much damage you did the entire dungeon and comparing it to others is a useful tool for everyone.

  • For you so you can see if you need to work on improving.
  • For others to see when someone is slacking off and if that needs to be addressed.

He was right about IG. Before Ice Spikes nerfs it could be us as close combat damage weapon, now they are not so good and are average so people use it only for Ice Wall and storm and for tomb.

The attitude that whatever I want and have available is good enough is the exact reason this sort of system needs to exist. Your not entitled to do things just because you simply exist. It is your choice to not develop a viable build for group content, it is also everyone else’s choice to not take you because of your decision. Depending on your level, gear score, and build there are definitely contexts where you may be dead weight.

Tbh I dont care if someone slacking in pve content until the time he is not trolling.

No, you’re missing the part where I said he said it IG IS FOR SUPPORT, whatever he meant.

Yea, that probably would be for later when doing mutated, but I already mentioned this is Dynasty Regular where minmaxing is optional and can be neglected even.

Like @Sonickat wrote, you should play with weapons which give you bonus and are strong against type of mobs we will meet inside dungeons. If you refuse to do it you will not go, if there are people who want take you then ok, but you will see on Mutation you will not join any good party.

I said he was right in most cases IG is as secondary utility weapon in pvp. In PvE content you dont play this way. Mostly is just hatchet, hammer and spear for rends.

How many times do i have to mention Dynasty REGULAR ?

In the end we succeded, so no he’s not.

Does not matter if it is regular or not. Mechanics remains same and ice gauntlet is support tool for fire mage or VG mostly or other weapons nowadays like rapier.

There is no expedition in the game at any level that if you are running it at level that taking into consideration strengths and weaknesses of weapons is optional. If your running the instance at an out geared out leveled state then yeah its optional but in that case the tools to measure damage output would be irrelevant as no one would give a crap.

As @MrSky pointed out some weapons are not built to be a main hand primary DPS weapon. You can stomp your feet all you want its just how the weapons are designed. They are backhand tools for utility and your main handing a different weapon that provides the superior damage output.

And I remain the same already succeded finishing the dungeon and killing the 2 beasts in Dynasty Regular, with me using Ice and Fire with the party setup at that time, so saying I didn’t have the damage because of an IG user is wrong.