Dungeons need this feature. Damage Ranking

This is the nature of a GROUP activity. Stronger players can carry you through an instance and compensate for your inferior performance. It’s not a question of wither you can do it, it’s a question of wither others should be forced to carry you through the instance doing it. Nine times out of ten a player who doesn’t care to actually adjust their build and playstyle to the instance to be an optimal contributor also fails mechanics and other game features because they can’t be bothered to learn them.

You can call it elitist but, this is a thought process 99% of the player base goes through. No one wants to waste their time. No one wants to have to work harder because someone else is making it harder for the group.

Why do ppl keep debating the fact and insist on different scenario, fact is I already said I use fire staff as my main, NOT IG.

You don’t need dps meters. If you make the open world solo content of the game difficult enough people will learn how to do damage on their own or die constantly. Too many veteran enemies are being removed from the game and other enemies seem to be getting weaker. This will just make less skilled players that don’t know their builds are trash because the content they play is trash.

There are soooooooo many factors/variables in a party setup. Talking about mutated dungeons in Regular Dungeon discussion is pointless. Maybe we should talk about Amrine Expedition too.

When I read @jst posts I changed my state, @Sonickat is right it would be a good tool for players like him and show those guys that it is not ok if 4 other players carry you.

If 25 lvl players would use viable weapons they will not atruggle or write in global chat for help.

If this were the case everyone would be equals in terms of performance. Not everyone possesses the ability to perform equally. At the end of the day we are humans and we have variance in our decisions making, perception, and reactions. The people who don’t want meters typically don’t want those three human traits measured and benchmarked.

You don’t even know the comp of my party at this discussion lol, the other dps was 428 GS , mine 480GS, the other one was lv 60 with 525 or smth.

So this 525 just carried all of u difference is really huge. Like u under 500 did together like 60% he alone did 40% around :sunglasses: Thats why your build have not had matter.

Ofc, and I know that, but blaming a fail attempt on a boss…on an IG is silly, esp while having lower geared dps in pt and having a high dps in pt. That’s kinda nitpicking

All the more reason dps meter or damage ranking is needed so we can also see who’s lacking.


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No its not. I had many times guy like u in pugs, We just kick them from party if they dont want to change build :sunglasses: With this Ice gauntlet I am sure you were the one who was lacking in dps on 100%

Like me lol, stereotyping much ? I’ve never been kicked till now though, so glad I’ve never encountered people like YOU until now. Maybe you have met a lot of yous and got kicked too often in the past. That explains :rofl:

Nah never.

Ok enough of the IG discussion, that was just an example of a scenario.

With DPS meter, dungeon run will feel different, trust me. :upside_down_face:

Anyway, thanks for the discussion though, even if you never agreed with me not even once. Now I have a picture on the endgame elitist, I don’t mean any offense, it’s just that I’m new and that really gives me some insight.

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toxic min max elitist meta slave saying not to bring fire when people literally make their whole build mage.

slap arcane gem in your weapons, take vg on the off hand for empower/support/utility for the team or rapier with an arcane gem as a mage

It’s pretty messed up to say to go melee when you can go mage and do good damage or mage hybrid.

That being said dps meters should still be a thing, WoW does it pretty well with details addon etc.

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mages do good damage and, if played correctly, won’t stress out a healer as much as melees taking collateral damage from having to be in melee range of big mobs

mages can play to weaknesses for now but AGS for some reason (I honestly think they hate mages there are so many indications) is removing that ability

so yes, after that, melees (playing mobs’ weaknesses) will top charts for raw damage

but there will always be intangibles at work in the success or failure of a team

jst you play your IG in reg dynasty you’re great don’t let these nerds sweat on you, telling people to change their build or they’ll be removed from the party is kinda toxic and kinda cringe, don’t pug if you don’t want pug

No. In every single MMORPG that has come out where “damage meter” addons are created for, it results in toxic behavior.

Secondly. It allows players to fine tune the “meta” even more so than they do now. This furthers the toxic environment because people start to expect everyone to run the meta.

People are like water, they take the path of least resistance. That is to say, they take the easy way out. This is why forever now you see gear score “requirements” to run something that is 5 levels below the gear score requirment. People want fast, easy runs.

Damage meters propagate this.

Elitism in action. No thanks.

Wats why i dont like do exspedition, i cant see how much kills i have, i cant see my oweral dmg done, whu cares if samebody will do 2x less dmg , we all know same wepons are beter in pve then others wepons, so " it will bring toxisity" is not agrument :slight_smile:

In my last mmo rpg i was doing so many dangeons, just to help ppl and flex my dmg ;D and after dangeon ppl asking me how i do so much dmg ;D so i show them my gear, givibg him same tips, save aoe for clumps not st, and we dont have this in new world, have overal numbers ceck is important to understand how good you are, :slight_smile: