Dungeons Queueing

i think they need to make a dungeon queue so ppl dont have to wait to find some one to join in.


Agreed. right now getting a team together can be rather messy. I’m a healer so I can generally get a team when I want, but I’ve watched people asking for members for 30 minutes or more. It would need a system in place to dictate which role each player is queuing for, but many games have a form of Dungeon queuing to help players.

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For the most part I haven’t had any issues getting help running expeditions. Company mates and faction mates tend to help on my server. Try being social and people tend to want to help.

Further down the road I think having a party finder would be great, so we can avoid the issues with WoW classic for example.

What they need to do is fix the notification pop up when someone in your group enters the dungeon. It pops up for about 1.5 seconds before disappearing.

Also if someone from your group leaves/disconnects and you need to invite another person, that person has to travel the whole map and enter the dungeon manually with no F1 or anything. That´s awkward.

Maybe to speed up things I would also suggest not requiring 3 members of the group to be in the entrance with you, that´s wasting time. Just let me in with my Orb and let everyone else join with F1.

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