Duped consumable items

I am waiting for an official response


they just don’t care that economy is screwed ! they let people having plenty duped items in storage and by this way punishing fair players who didn’t dupe, i like this game a lot but it’s turning to a big big joke , very sad.


I was punished by bad Nickname “Bolsonaro Lixo” (brazilian presidente). But dupe is OK!


Since they have all the data, failure is a choice, here. Disappointing.

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UP again

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They weren’t removed.
Devs are working hard on dodging any questions about the whole topic.
A whole thread has even been removed.
One thread had gotten closed without a answer.
I had gotten some attention of the devs on this topic but they just go around it.
So good luck getting any answers.
Seems like dupers got a slap on the wrist… only 2 day ban
Duped items are everywhere, even had been left on the trading post for when it got reopened.


I love how this dude is now a meme for the incompetent development we have here at New World. Perfect meme 5/7.

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The developers have been silent on the forum for 3 days, and we continue to wait for an answer. It’s bad that they don’t communicate with the players.


I summon developers to start communicating with us - players.

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It has really screwed up the TP with all the duped items still on there and still getting listed driving the prices lower.

There is too many issue for the to officially respond on, thats why they being quiet.

This thread is only one of maaaaaannnnnyyyyy…

they cant do anything. the game is ****ed. whats been duped is duped. rip consume market.

they could have just rollback when it was not too late like when they gave 100k gold to everyone early december ; instead they chose to let dupers kill economy and by this kill this game already in bad position . you don’t cheat you are punish in this game.

Screenshot made 1 min ago, server Barri


Imagine if we could see who posting on TP, we could report all Thoses kids

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Last week I was about to buy some food ingredients to make high dex and con food. I searched for sumptuous rabbit and saw the prices and thankfully asked in company chat why the prices were so low. The first person said people do that because that sets the price for other sell orders. Thankfully the next person said to not buy any because those are the items being duped. I had no idea of the bug/dupe at that time and thankfully I didn’t buy any, and still haven’t. It would be great to know when we have the all clear to resume buying. In the interim, I have set out to single handedly slay 500 rabbits. The drop rate is not that high!

No comments. The screenshot was taken 1 minute ago.
How many more months does it take to remove a duped items???

If you hope that just the economy will eat them, then no. Such an amount is impossible to craft and use.

Did they ban everyone but themselves?

Come AGS. Get you act together!!!

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