Duped items not taken away

This is a JOKE!!! I have two accounts in two different server and now the economy is a mess……People have duped thousands of thousands of potions, honing, gemdust and incense and after the 2 days bans they still have all the stuff duped!!! Are you kidding me?

The economy is completely DESTROYED now. The way AGS is handling these bans is a JOKE. Banning people for 2 days and letting them keep thousands of duped items and destroying an entire economy shows how poorly they care about this game.



Why was the TP even down if they didn’t take away the duped items? All the dupes still left on the market after it opened back up.

There were already some posts on the topic of duped items still being in the game but they mysteriously disappeared so yeah, devs and ags be working hard to make the player count reach 0.

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