Duped items still in the game

duped items are still circulating in trading post, stacks of 100 turkey legs for 20 gold each in tp and stuff


My friend, there is a reason there is a saying:

Exploit early, exploit often!

Basically, cheaters gain more then any punishment that is ever handed out.
I really hate that this happens to be the case and the earlier you find the exploit the bigger the gain.
Personally i will not follow this “META” as it would force me to change my morals and as such change my character IRL.
But sadly it is what it is and thats what it is.

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well on our server some ppl allready bought everything out o.o

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It would be easy to identify these dupers, if the names of sellers were displayed in TP. Dealing with duped items should be auto perma ban.
Bugfixes may solve issues of the game mechanics, but corrupted economy in NW is a complete different problem and it destroys the game from inside.

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Will probably be removed in a couple of days tbh. Not sure how they handle these kind of things but they should’ve just rolled back the market when they closed down trading.

Everybody who crafted and selling Turkey Legs should be banned and items removed.

Everybody bought the items knowing they are duped!!! It’s also exploit if u are aware the items u are buying are duped but yet u are doing it for unfair profit. They bought stacks of duped Turkey Legs for 10-30 gold and selling food for 600-900 gold.

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we need action from ags


Just because we can’t see the names of people listing sales on the TP doesn’t mean AGS can’t…because they can. Transaction logging in databases is routine, they know.

Thank you for your feedback. Your feedback is appreciated.
Your feedback is being reviewed and sent to the team for further review.
You are important to us. You are being listened to.

See you in Aeternum!

Just an influx of rabbit and turkey hunters, nothing to worry about gamer.

Sure, they could, but do they want it?
I mean, players can avoid them (knowing their names), ignore them etc. When I see, that a duper sells stuff, I report him/her. I think, AGS cant handle this issue alone. Players can help. It needs both sides imo.

Congratulations :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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Just logged on and was dismayed to see all the sumptuous rabbit still there and at 4 coins and not the 40 or more that it does trade at, as a 40 con food producer there really isn’t any point in me playing at the moment, sure I could go gathering my materials but what’s the point

Sad, everything that had decent price for being hard to get or just like a turkey leg, imposible almost to get because every single piece have been used… now is still up on the market fucking up the economy, but yeah… lets ban more people for being toxic instead having a normal game AGS Code of coduct kekw

i guess many dupers just store all duped items and they wasnt affect so much because ags cleaning tp moslty. at this point it is punishing fair players and giving gifts to exploiters , kinda weird and hard to keep playing with economy affected like that , way more than it was on previous dupes , very sad ; this game still great.

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