Dupes still happening

Full loot, always on PvP doesn’t sound too bad now, eh?

What does have that to do with anything?
How would that fox anything at all?

It would be a means of removing duped resources/gear from the game.

Think @craybest. Think!

But you don’t remove them, they just go to another player :thinking:

Nah, I’d salvage it asap if I already had my voidbent and was near gold cap.

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Just what on earth is wrong with you?
I dont want to loose all my items, because of some dupers.

The lack of logic in this thread astounds me. Even more when the proof is just some random discord chats…

God, enough with the full loot always on PvP nonsense, it’s not coming back, get over it or move on.

No no they definitely fixed this! At least they speculated that they fixed it…

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