Duping exploit with TP just found!

Something like that.

yeah I didnt return anything to my inventory I did not want to risk my account

I wanna buy inglots to make void set but now im afraid that if buy from someone who duped it im gonna get baned. Thats sick!

@Kay High priority! This seems very bad.

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I private messaged her.

I noticed that when I fulfilled a buy order, my item count in the trading UI didn’t change, but they would in fact be removed from storage. Going back to the TP, I see the items no longer listed. Are you sure its not just a UI bug?


I’m not logged in at the moment, I logged off right after I noticed it but it shows items for sale, then sold, and then allows you to return the sold items back to your inventory.


There are a bunch of Visual UI bugs with the TP, that is all. Not a single one of the 50 ‘OMG DUPE EXPLOIT’ threads posted today have actually been a dupe just people not understanding it has to refresh, or it comes out of a different storage, or the Sold and QTY columns are messed up, etc.



Are you a duper? The materials never left the inventory and the gold was paid out a number of times and he only had two items.

Why is it so hard for people to play honestly?

Were you playing it honestly? How you be able to dupe? Is it hard to find the dupe for you?

Edit: Before you go off raging on dupers. You were doing it so yeah… what’s up with that?

:expressionless: well then

No, just don’t rush to judgement and run to the forums for every visual bug I see (something called investigation?). You know trying to not clutter the forums with ‘Z0mg trade dupe!!’

There are currently 4 UI bugs with the TP right now: Qty and Sold being messed up (switched, same with Buy orders), Items not refreshing immediately out of inventory from TP window, can’t sell from town storage into different town buy order, and then finally the bug you are seeing: Say I am in Everfall with 10 stone and I sell it to a buy order in Windsward, and it goes through and I keep my 10 stone… This is because it is taking the stone from the storage in Windsward and selling THAT stone and keeping your stone in your inventory there so it looks like you are duping 10 stone/gold but in reality you are just draining your other storage. Same goes for every other town.

Post was 3 hours ago, so i’ll let you read up on the forums a bit before posting!

The servers are going down for a reason. People are reporting that items are being taken from their inventory, TP and gold being removed. I believe this is for the Quint screw up. I suspect the down time is to complete the removal of these items and maybe fix the TP again. This is getting old.

servers are going down?


Prime example of the ‘not refreshing bug’ but I believe what @Rhiker is getting is this:

You can reach out to me about it if Kay hasn’t replied yet. Closing this thread since it’s going a bit off topic. Thanks!

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