Duplication of Ressources while Crafting


  • What is your character name in New World: Fiafia

  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Opar

  • Describe the issue you are experiencing:
    I was crafting flawed amuletts in large quantities. At some point the crafting station closed itself on me and i started crafting again because i had that a lot lately, but then i realized i had 24 amuletts in my inventory but did not use any ressources.
    I tried it again as i wanted to make sure that is not a weird ping or visiuel glitch but sadly the same happend again. (after that i dropped the amuletts and all ressources i would have used for them on the ground and left the game).

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: exploit


bump for visibility


@Developer @Community-Team hi guys, can you investigate? There was a number of posts claiming dupes. Thank you

Oh common, this is getting out of hand. Getting so sick and tired of this ongoing uphill battle playing this game either bug free or not getting shat on by cheaters.


Here we go again… This makes me sad. He also dropped all his hard-earned resources because he is scared of getting banned.



Bugs spin my head right round right round

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It’s a new dawn.
It’s a new day.
It’s a new bug…
To exploitttt (8)

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I tested this one, when I try to close the window manually through any process I get a big black sign saying “Crafting attempt failed” so either they hotfixed this or it’s a type of dupe that doesn’t work without other conditions.

No proof = Troll (99%)


Jesus Christ. What’s this, the third dupe in only a week?

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And I’m feeliiiiinnnn… Bad

I encountered the same situation while crafting gathering tools
It was sunday evening, crowded server and there were lags.
I was crafting like 11 pickaxes at once, after 4 crafting window closed and “crafting failed” msg popped up so I opened crafting again. I had 4 pickaxes in my inventory but still was able to craft 11 because it didnt use my mats, so I crafted 3 again and window failed. I had 7 in inventory and was able to craft 11. When I had 11 pickaxes in inventory it still showed I can craft 11 new ones but craft would fail everytime. I did a relog and poof, all my materials gone and I couldnt craft anymore. Its not really dupping but a big delay.


At this point they need to just take the game down and FFXIV 2.0 it.

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there is no WAY they would ever even attempt what FFXIV did, ppl need to stop asking for this lol xD


I think most dont even remember what FF was doing. They release a horrible game and as soon as they realized it, they were cutting the monthly fee until the game is fun (which eventually lead to ARR)

AGS cant cut any monthly fees, because there are none. And they are constantly working in order to get things straight so … basically … this is the FF way. Its not like they abandoned the game or anything.

I believe this is just a visual bug I did a lot of crafting and got this as well as soon as you exit out of the crafting station the resources fix themselves

Same thing happened to me few times, failed attempts after few crafts and station closed. After reopening the station i could potentially craft same amout as before, but sadly no freebies :cry:. All rectified itself after 3rd attempt. Just a visual in my case.

I’ve had something similar, but it only showed my resources being preserved in the crafting table menu. If I opened my actual inventory, things were still as they should be.

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