Dupp'ed gold and materials, will something be done?

The worst part about all this isn’t the amount of bugs and exploits in this game. Because they’ve at the very least explained, fixes will come, it will probably take a long time before they get to all of it. The worst part are the people taking advantage of these exploits and getting away with it. Millions of gold dupped and running through the economy while I’m here earning 10k gold a day playing the game legitimately. And we are left in the dark on how or when they are going to fix this or if bans will ever happen.

This leads to me feeling like a total loser because everyone around me is dupping and exploiting and I can’t even get the satisfaction of earning that gold or feeling good that I worked hard to farm a decent set of crafted gear and the exploiters are running around in full voidbent armor because of mat/gold dupping.

We did get a response about dupping exploiters getting banned and gold removed, but that clearly never happened and we haven’t heard anything ever since. I have a discord with 50+ people in the same server dupping gold and materials since 1.0.3, they even jokingly say they’ll get me banned by sending me 100k gold. I ask if anybody has been banned that they know of, and not a single player banned, they even talk about it, in game, in global chat.

I honestly don’t care if the exploiters get banned, I don’t care if this will take a few months to resolve, we just need a clear answer and all I’m asking is,

Will dupp’ed gold and materials ever be removed from the economy, or will the exploiters get away with it?

“We’re looking into it to resolve the issue” is not an answer, this is clearly a make or break response for me and I’m sure for countless others too… The CM’s and devs have done nothing but astounding work responding to as many issues as they humanly can and here’s to hoping that we get a decent response to this one.


LOL no.

Do not hold out hope and do not listen to Amazon. Look at their actions and inability to get the most basic stuff done right. I didn’t expect anything amazing from New World, but I also never expected this level of incompetency from a company with this much dough to throw around.


Because it’s dictated heavily by client side this allows us to change and exploit things constantly. Patches have only brought in one solution only to break another.

I.E fixing the invincible bug made the trade house bug because they made the server send all info client side right away regardless if online instead of holding it that allowed the invincible abuse. Well one of them, they need to be looking harder…

The best bet is focus on correcting exploits then releasing 650 gs making all duped items useless. Then merge mats into a smaller amount and release newer ones to correct that issue. The gold is another issue and the damage may be too late.

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Like a topic out there, honey moon is over. Beside the exploits, the game already have too much downside. Insane house’s tax, lack of filters in auction house, force grouping with no group finder, bug here and there…
So, i’m currently stop playing till it had some fix. I have my hourly rate worth the money already anyway, so no regret much. Hope the game will turn out better down the line.


Did you just suggest more grinding?

Bro there’s only so much a man can handle and I’m at my limits as it is.


Are there any more evidences aside from the display manipulation in the videos and pictures? Are there videos or legitimate evidence that it can be sold in trade post? Used in crafting? Or be traded with another legit player? I might just be missing them cause I only saw the same videos showing trading with press f1 then there you go 600 void ore, end of video, no trading post, no crafting no trading with random players.

Also why coin sellers still bother to create unlimited bots, if they can just dupe void ores? Wonder why…

I am having a lot of fun in this game with a group of friends that have been gaming together now for nearly 30 years. New World is fun!

But alas I have seen the effect of current ongoing dupes first hand and it is very frustrating.
New World developers say… “We are aware of it” “we will act strongly” “it has been fixed”, yet it continues… and then they blame us for bringing up the issue of rampant gold items dupes and the effect on honest players.

New World will be remembered as an “almost was” game screwed, by terrible communication with the community and launching the product “live” before game breaking bugs in economy, pvp, pve etc… were fixed

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New world is like many ppl pointed a flaw to its core. The game engine needs to be fixed. It is a sinking boat and made of steel. Trying to patchs it with wood planks wont change anything. It will go down and fast.

It is not, literally their dev came to the forums days ago and explained how it works.
This is just hardcore dishonesty at this point.

They literally removed the items and banned an entire guild in my realm that dupped some items.

And everything will be extremely cheap the more people get level 60 because nobody cares about virtual coins aside virtual coins sellers creating tons of bots in a low level area.

No all people have are badly photoshoped Screenshots such as the one with starmetals.

Wrong but ok.


Yeah, I just checked the reddit post, even the latest video, it starts again with trade window already open, and ends in just the items making it to inventory of player, no actual transaction to trade post or crafting… assumption rise because of weight changes, but it errors when you fast travel, and there’s a single person that envies a company full of voidbent armors… voidbent is not that expensive now since everyone is farming it 24/7 plus company with territory has a lot of coins to spare… people are gullible

The biggest problem I see with cleaning up after dupes is… imagine you as a ligitimate player farmed your 10-15k to buy a void ingot for your first armor piece. You still have to get the rest but you have that sorted.

Then they remove the ingot cause it was duped while it’s sitting in your storage.

Or take it one step further. You used the ingot to craft yourself some 600 gearscore armor piece. What are they gonna do, take the armor away from you and delete it? And this is just for the items, imagine how much impact duped gold would have to trace back and remove.

I think this is a mess that’s very hard to solve without making it frustrating for the players who worked hard to obtain their items or gold. I wouldn’t know a good solution to remove it from the economy, without hurting lots of legitimate players.

Removing duped items and gold from an exploiters inventory and storage? Shouldn’t be much of an issue. However, everything that’s already circulating in the economy seems close to impossible.

That is, if the dupes are real. I haven’t seen any indicators for it on my server yet.

Exactly this and why we need a answer to this and how they will handle it, i like what someone else in this thread stated about making the mats obsolete and it’s probably too late to remove the dupp’ed gold from the economy. That will definitely effect the market especially in such a crafting heavy game. I hope we get an answer because I’m sure this will not be the last time, people will find a way to dupp gold again with how unstable the patches have been.

Prove it with discord link.

Lmaooo ok buddy, what a great idea…

I have zero proof as I am not consumed by gold dupers as my company of friends kind of play the game self contained. That being said, just from my casual experience, I honestly believe some of the trends I have seen in Trading Post can have only occurred with an active dupe.

I sure hope Amazon fixes this ASAP, as nothing destroys credibility more than counterfeit items that are allowed to wreck an economy. May not directly impact me greatly, but will impact people I play with and those I play against, making rewards for Invasions/Quests/Wars meaningless.

It’s too late for a rollback.

Solution is either a credible fix with bans to those that duped (doubt AGS can discover/track the dupers) or a server wipe with massive compensation to the community based upon hours played.

I think we are at that point.

As I said, dupe is not effecting me directly, but it is damaging the credibility of the entire economy and of the games mechanics and rewards, something needs to happen… and quickly

Thank you


Agreed, good take. Here’s to hoping that we get a reply soon as they’re active again in the forums.

Looks like CMs are active, can we please have a response to this? Or at the very least a response with an ETA on a official upcoming response? I mean honestly I’ll take anything at this point…

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There ya go, someone else decided to post it and risk their discord players being called out, either way thanks for providing the proof. This gold dupping is literally the norm now

Edit: Thread was deleted but video has been posted on reddit, thread name is “game is done”

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show me anywhere they blame players for anything…liar.