Dupp'ed gold and materials, will something be done?

Is this AGS working on it or another issue…

Looks like coin transfers are disabled. Temporarily?

Best case scenario they can hopefully rollback any transactions made with duped items. Act like they never occured.

yes, they found another gold dupe so they shut everything down that has to do with money trading lol

oh boy lol. What a day :slight_smile:

It’s kind of interesting how ever this happens because the server with the video of the guy getting 7000 void ignots is on my server and they are still going for like 20k

The most damage they could have done I guess is made full voidbent for their company or something and not having full voidbent at this point is casual af


All gold exploiters should be permanently banned, all gold should be erased. No mercy otherwise it is a spit in the face of fair players and end of the game.


Unless I see proof of people being banned, this game is a sinking ship.


I would love to see bans happening for this kind of stuff in chat.


It would be straight up a chad move to see in red text in chat

“Nippys has been banned for “insert reason here” for X time

Then everyone got like 30 seconds of spamming sausages in chat


They are not going to bann anyone lol… READ " Any player that has engaged in the use of this exploit will be actioned against. " if they where going to bann they would say Bann it is more like the “action” will be now dont do it again you cant log in for 24 hours lol or just sake a stern finger at them

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Ban all accounts that duped gold or im quitting.


yup with all the exploits and gold and item dupes like this … I uninstalled the game and I will never play this again even if the game gets fixed to flawless I am done with shit fuckin products from multi billion dollar companies. waste of 240 hours

They cant just do that… the server will never recover.

Years ago when gold selling really hit the gaming scene quite a few media outlets did exposes. Gi Jen made a documentary called “Gold Farmer” exposing the horrible working conditions of farmers. Many all live in a single room and work 12-18 hours a day because they have a quota to meet each day. They don’t have a choice.
The presence of gold farmers is not indicative of ingame dupes or representative of what legit players are doing.

Oh, I’m very much in agreement there - was just replying back to the post so they knew why wealth transfers have been disabled. This forum does a really bad job of highlighting the original post that a message is replying to.

They dont NEED to WIPE

Most mmo’s have a grandfather system. (basicly tracks orgination from items, (be this resorces, and gold.)

So everything starts somewhere:
lets say void ore, was farmed the ore would have the tag of the node spawn w it,

Void ore (item Number 1) | From: Node (23984asdagfagr20)

Nodes have multiple drop in’s such as the ore, gems, rares But the node only exist till you harvest it and then the next node has a new code, they add a naming/number convention too to track the area and exact node and the re-spawned number so if 1 million void ore show up over a 2 day time from one node they know there is something wrong (this is a example, apply node or ore w things like mob or gold or a specific item)

W gold the same applies there are normally cross check’s they can do and say HMMM gold (asl234kdfj234khs234a243f) of such and such amount from (mob 43asdf985fdsa735ew63fa9) was spawned in but the person who got it wasn’t killing anything, completing a quest or getting it from a auction, and the gold is still also on the person who made the trade. this will allow them to track down offenders and remove the items for the most part that havnt been sold to the unsuspecting on the AH.

The fact the system isnt checking constantly is a bad database design (this is my opinion as it is possible to have a cross check performed for this on a load in (logging in, Moving across zones, teleporting, going through instances).

Most MMO’s do this sort of thing now in some shape or fashion.


Agree, not sure who would benefit at all from them not banning them. Certainly not AGS.

We dont care about the root cause of the issue, he is asking if something will be done to the players and the massive amounts of cash and items they brought into the game, dont play dumb

This is all well and dandy for serialized items like weapons and such. Nothing stackable holds the original ID (which usually would be a PK constraint and that alone would eliminate the duping) in any server software i have been running or coding.

The stack itself has and ID and each subsequent change to the quantity column works off the same ID thus removing the trace.

Trades can be logged, i really hope they are and that devs have a way to trace them back to the creation moment/person but stackable items in no game i can think of retain their serial number, the stack itself has one and it has a total qty against it.