Dupp'ed gold and materials, will something be done?

The thread was deleted with no response, I guess we got our answer folks.

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That one which just got deleted could be a visual bug. I would want to see the inventory of the person who he traded with. Well…just to confirm. COPIUM.

GG they deleted the thread

It’s on the reddit, almost at the top, video and all. If posted here will probably be deleted again. They sure are quick with that. Thread is called “game is done”

They already have our $, they don’t care about in game $. They will just put the blame on the players that duped, they ruined your game.

Thanks all for the report. It’s been surfaced to the team and they are investigating the root cause of this issue.


I heard whispers of it having something to do with the ever so cursed windowed mode

I could be horrifically wrong though

I also don’t know if saying even that is fuel on the fire

10k gold a day. I’m open for hints :slight_smile:


What about all cities that can survive only with company donations now that all is disabled?

dont worry, you can find everything on reddit and its stupidly easy to do. damage is done, if anything the more people know about it the more likely it is that AGS is forced into a strong reaction. And for the health of the game a strong reaction is needed in my opinion

Cat is out of the bag. They could ban the account that duped, maybe, but once the stuff is in circulation it affects non cheating players if they do anything about it.

So you sold some valuable item you spent hours getting legitimately, but some duper bought it with duped gold, are they taking it away from you? Or someone who bought duped gold with real life $$ bought it off you, same deal.

Game is completely screwed.

Is this AGS working on it or another issue…

Looks like coin transfers are disabled. Temporarily?

Best case scenario they can hopefully rollback any transactions made with duped items. Act like they never occured.

yes, they found another gold dupe so they shut everything down that has to do with money trading lol

oh boy lol. What a day :slight_smile:

It’s kind of interesting how ever this happens because the server with the video of the guy getting 7000 void ignots is on my server and they are still going for like 20k

The most damage they could have done I guess is made full voidbent for their company or something and not having full voidbent at this point is casual af


All gold exploiters should be permanently banned, all gold should be erased. No mercy otherwise it is a spit in the face of fair players and end of the game.


Unless I see proof of people being banned, this game is a sinking ship.


I would love to see bans happening for this kind of stuff in chat.