Durability perk

So i crafted like ~100 tools, 90% of them had durability.

Why this perk is even still in game? There is no more full loot/item destruction.

Its so useless.

There is no destrucion per say, but items can break - and when they do you need to repair them with repair parts and a few coins. Therefore, durability perk has a usage, and is not useless.

It is, i already capped repair parts like 5 times. Repairing is not a problem.

@Relic, you’re missing the point.

Durability is literally useless. You tried to use the argument that items break, and you need to use coin and repair parts to fix them.
Yes, of course…and how does durability help with that?

Whether you have durability on your item or not, you still have to repair it. It will still cost the same to repair it (for example, after you die) whether you have durability or not.

Maybe you’re still confused about it. Here’s a case study to try and help you understand:
Item A1 (no durability on it) and Item A2 (durability perk on it)
You die five times. Item A1 is now broken, and you have to repair it. Item A2 is ALMOST broken, but you still may as well repair it. It will cost you the same to repair both A1 and A2.

Since repairing an item takes one or two clicks, and can be done anywhere…durability does absolutely nothing.

Without bad perks, there can be no good perks… if you understand what I mean.

Since A2 has more durability, it requires repairs less often. Since repairs cost the same no matter how much durability an item has, the average repair cost is lower.

Mind you, I agree that it is a near useless perk, as you don’t really repair items that often and when you do it is fairly cheap. But the perk does provide a miniscule benefit. :slight_smile:

Lets put it aside. Why durability have like 90-99% chance to get.

I agree with you that the drop rates for that specific perk are a bit ridiculous

Repairs cost gold proportionate to the durability that is being repaired; it’s not a fixed price…if you repair an item that only has a little durability loss, it’s just pennies.

In both A1 and A2, for example, if you die, you may lose 45 durability on each. It then costs you the exact same amount of gold to repair either item. All things being equal, the only thing the durability perk is doing is making so you get an extra death before you have to click twice to repair it, but you’re still paying the exact same amount per death with each item.

@Whorth let’s eliminate death from the discussion and instead look at use (which the durability perk is likely directed at). You lose durability gradually as you gather overtime even without dying. The durability perk slows this down. Makes the item more “durable”. I would agree the perk is almost useless, but it is not whorthless. <—— Before I get called out for spelling, I am just have some pun.

I pose the above more as a question. There is a good chance my logic is off.

I usually repair with a repair kit, which restores to full durability no matter how much is missing.

But fair enough, you are right that if you repair the other way then there is no benefit to the perk.

Great discussion! But your idea of it being more durable is a little off. Durability isn’t a vague concept, it’s an actual number on each item, in the bottom of the tool tip.
You can test this out yourself if you ever want to. You can create a base item A, and it will have a durability number assigned to it, say, 100/100. Now if you make the same item A, but it ends up with the Durability +32% perk…that item will then have the number in tooltip say 132/132. That’s all it does…it is x% more durability stat over the base item without the stat.

So you have those two items running around in the world…one with 100, one with 132. You do quests, you get hit, you do whatever…you go back to town, and now your base item only has 80 durability left…while the ‘durable’ item will have 112 left. Because they both took 20 durability ‘damage’ from use. It’s going to cost the same to repair both items.

I stand corrected. Durability is worthless.

I think of it like finding a great hatchet with max dex, but its perk is that it regenerates mana. Sure, the weapon is good, but the perk makes it sub par. It makes other perks more worth while. It’s a roll of the dice. If every roll was good, there’s be no meaning to a good weapon.

Unless you use repair kits. Then it has its very limited worth.

It could be worth more if you can only repair your stuff in safe zone and outside of it only repair kits would work

I am also curious to know if the rate at which an item diminishes scales based on the durability rating. Meaning the more durable an item is, the less wear it takes.

Srsly, what is this. Nerf that durable % to obtain. I understand that this might have to be in-game but 90% or even more isnt funny.

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