Dying doesn't matter

Does Amazon care if game is dying? I don’t mean this as Amazon made their money and now can close shop.
I mean they sold over a million copies. They have a generic blah store that they don’t push.
The store isn’t going to support the game as is even with 900k players
What I’m trying to say is, yes games not populated and it’s dying by mmo curves. But even if it wasn’t it doesn’t matter.
I don’t think there is urgency because they had a successful sale of the game. So there is no reason to shut it down due to people quitting, there is no reason for devs to panic and get nervous If as I suspect they are banking on expansions to make their money.
I can’t play in current state, but I’m not sure anyone cares as long as I buy into a great expansion/fix …which I probably will.

Their business model is the same with or without players minus in game store which I can’t believe they were ever banking on with the release.

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