Dying game? or 1 year of PTR testing?

i know days seem grim and its hard to see and very discouraging to receive more server merges, but could this ultimately be a 1 year trial period where us the players who’ve stuck around are basically being the real testers for this game and they have a planned relaunch coming, or we really seeing this game die right before our eyes.

Sincerely Aternum

if it’s a dying game, why is this forum with so much activity? This game ain’t dead but we don’t know what gonna happen. We must enjoy your time and play, if you want or wait.


absolutely the forums is really good for trying to get points across i’ve made a handful of suggestion posts along with many others looking to try to benefit the longevity of the game, but with how little players there are and a non-monthly subscription based game, they’ve been eating losses on this project i just hope they can find something to get people back into this game. I will say from day 1 this game has made great strides in its QoL improvements that make the game enjoyable and im hoping they continue to do so


There you go.

effects of a completely player based system

The game is very much in an odd place, many people bought the game and have been scorned from the early blunders and missteps that took place. And many streamers took that ribbon and ran so far with it, making videos and doom content. Cashing in on it as soon as they humanly possibly could.

So much of it in fact if you google new world that’s literally all that comes up. Miles and miles of doom and the sky is falling.

That drove away players probably more than anything that was wrong with the game, in my honest opinion. Were there mistakes, problems, bugs? Absolutely. But it almost turned into a Doom cult if you mention AGS or NW in any place anywhere.

The casket was sealed and nailed in to many people before they even started, and the forums, global, youtube you name it was exploding with seething hatred.

Ask anyone who doesn’t play new world, and they will tell you everything that was wrong when the game started by heart. And wholeheartedly believe that the game is in the exact same state, with no improvement. People with the ability to broadcast could really help in that regard, and i hope that they do.

All AGS has to do at this point is stay the course, improve the game and add content.

If you build it, they will come.



They aren’t going to relaunch the game. They are not adding all this upcoming content etc. to just shut it down and relaunch. IMO once they figure out how to revamp territories/wars to prevent mega companies doing what they are now etc. then things will get a lot better. They still are adding a new expedition and willing to bet a raid in time. They already talked about when they add the new zones too so there will NOT be a relaunch.

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So true! Clap

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absolutely love the response been here since day 1 and the game has made tremendous strides if this was the game today as they released almost a year ago they’d probably have kept a good portion of players, but all we can do is hope they can find a way to get a relaunch out and get more back in after a long hideous

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They have been recruiting heavy for media analysts, content creators and paid media managers for the last few months i’ve been watching on Amazon jobs for new world.

Scott just mentioned in an interview about bringing 15 new faces to lunch on to the team. I’m thinking they are getting ready to really start blasting out social media/paid media content very soon.

All according to the plan.

If anyone has any doubts, just watch this interview. Not specifically about the content. About him, and his attitude, this man is invested in new world. That whole team is. I’m here, as frequently as i am because i believe in scot and his team. And i’ll be here for a very long time helping in any way that i can to pave the way for that vision to come to fruition.
New World with Game Director, Scot Lane | The AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook Podcast - YouTube



Why are you here if you believe the game is dead or dying just leave. Posting game is dead literally helps no one. If you dont trust AGS to fix the game (which they have been making large fixes and QoL updates) then you can cut and run now no one is stopping you. This game is so much better than launch and will continue to get better off positive feedback and quality forum posts. This isn’t one

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dons spectacles, takes a long drag off a long pipe, Gandalf style

You know, we’re all dying out here…


i dont get why your so hateful just a simple question but i never said anything about the hating the game or causing hate towards the the strides they’ve made in this game so you can take this negativity somewhere else or just you know read my other responses and so fourth and youll see i’ve praised the game and how far they’ve come since day one

My response is apathetic to you. I’m not hating on you. I’m questioning why you are here if you think the game is dying and why you wouldn’t move on if you believe so. I’m reiterating that dead game, dying game posts are a dime a dozen and ags has been locking them out because all they do it bring out trolls, griefers and negative connotations that don’t help the game in any way.

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well my apologies if i misunderstood but it was a simple question none the less im here like everyone else got over 2500 hours in the game and just trying to gauge and maybe wonder if they’d used basically this first year of trial and error as their testing grounds for major gameplay or if we are in fact slowly seeing this game actually die off, i don’t want it to die off and i believe new people who play will find great enjoyment out of the game, but we need to see something major happen in a good way for the longevity of this game

years ago i told them. settlements should be owned by factions, not companies.


i actually like that a lot i had a more elaborate thought process, but that’s a very interesting take

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Fully agree. No clue why this has yet to be explored.


Game releases should never feel like it’s still in beta or in ptr. You don’t pay up front for a 3/2 house with garage and go to move in and it only had a single room with one wall missing and an outhouse outside hearing from contractors “It’s in the making, it’ll be done” while you live in a 3 sided wall ‘hut’…this is NW 100%

Because the forums are the endgame.