Dying just after someone pick you up [bug]

Im sure most of you experienced this fully anoying thing .
Someone is getting you up [ expedition ] and you even can’t make any action for like 2 sec after standing , you cant swap to hatchet, use health potion or even dodge

And boss just do some AOE attack which killing yours character ! Thanks teammate for getting me up ! now im fckin dead !

It is worst !! FIX IT please !

Make 2s invulnerability after getting up or do it possible to make an actions !

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I have learned how to pick up players to not make them die , but it shouldn’t be in this way !

And they pickin me up just before aoe :weary:

Yes , i know it as well. It should be fixed

Ah, let me join post.
+1 for fixing

Yes they should work on it

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