Dying Server need to be merged

Hallo there, I am playing on a dying server all companies transfering to dry tree,evovium etc and we cant play invasion,wars etc. I´m kinda frustrated and I wanted to know is there any post or Video from AGS what are they doing next because there are 17 server less then 100 player per day on EU Central. If we dont get another server merg or any other solution the inflation will hit hard, bcs the empty server can farm all the day but not craft. I know you guys here this all the day but I think we need any kind of information from AGS.

They need to merge dying server asap … all u need is to jump into a server and check opr status. If waiting is more than 2 hour… the server is dead…

Yeah they need to seriously come out and state what the hold up is. Like most servers that are under 100 players even on peak times. Its impossible to do any end game on low pop servers.

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