Dying servers make end-game content NOT playable

When transfers were first released, I used mine to move my character over to an NA-West server called Plancta where all my friends were. At the time the server pop was almost full, the economy was thriving, and there were always enough people to fill up war slots with only level 60s. It was great, me and my friends were having a blast finishing up leveling.

Fast forward around a month and the server is completely dead. Im not just saying this. The current active player base is around 288 people. Theres about one game of outpost rush per day, if we get lucky, around 7pm PST. The economy is completely dead, it’s nearly impossible to sell things on the market due to the low player count. And more importantly a lot of late/end game content has been made impossible due to the lack of level 60s. Finding enough people for elites is impossible, no ones queues for OPR (4 people after 4 hours currently), end game Dungeons? good luck, corruption trains never happen, and war slots are never full with one side always drastically lacking players relatively. I counted 8 people in Everfall yesterday at 6pm MDT just an hour before peak. The only thing to do is gathering skills, after that good luck getting your skills past 150 considering there aren’t enough people (plus economy issues) to upkeep level 5 crafting stations! There simply are not enough concurrent players to do a majority of end-game content.

This all happened after the large Chinese player-base transferred because their company wasn’t doing so well territorially. Then the largest purple faction (strongest/largest faction in the server) dissolved after the leader transferred with all the gold. A lot of big companies followed suit realizing the server was slowly dying. This all happened right after major patch changes, and continual backpedaling on the progression of server merges. Tons of mages left after the fire staff nerf, almost every single person who ran a fortify build left after the nerf. I think these changes were all positive, Im just pointing out the milestone times that I noticed large population dips.

I reached out to Amazon Game Studios about this asking for a second transfer, I was met with immediate denial and no explanations or plans were communication in regards to serve merges. Their expectation is that I wait, in a completely dead and nearly unplayable server, until they release a second round of server transfers. I understand that on one of the more recent dev blogs it was mentioned server transfers would happen before the years end, but then said that players will not be able to transfer after their servers have been merged. First of all that timeline makes no sense, and even if it did its extremely vague and indecisive. We’ve all likely already taken small breaks during the immortality bug, hatchet bug, territory glitches, coin transfer disables, or personally I cannot finish my main quest due to an NPC that does not give out the next level 60 quest after you get the tier 5 Azoth Staff. The expectation that we just “wait and see” for MAJOR fixes of problems that make a lot of in game content completely unplayable is disrespectful at the least.

I don’t like bringing up issues without solutions, but the only real solution I see to this is to either offering another round of server transfers or doing server merges within the next week or two. Like i said, we’ve taken enough breaks, this isn’t supposed to be a threat but I think a lot of people feel the same. I don’t want to quit, I want to keep playing the end game content. I find it super fun to get 3 groups together to do Myrkgard or difficult elites, Outpost Rush is my favorite part of the game, end game dungeons are insanely fun, I really want to get my armoring to 200 so I can make myself voidmetal gear, I also want to get a second house. All of these things have been made nearly impossible by the low server population after most people leaving. Plancta was at one point a full server, now its completely dead. Please offer more server transfers or do server merges ASAP, Im sure Plancta is not the only server having this issue.

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