Dynamic Event: Mini Invasions

I ready like the idea of adding more dynamic events to the open world. The issue with what we have now is that they do not feel special or worthy of getting a sudden group together and rising to the challenge. The first time you see a corruption portal and close it, it’s really cool. (Especially the one that you need to break the door and then go inside to close the portal.) The issue is, these things are up all of the time. It’s easy to be desensitized, They also do not have any impact on the world around them such as closing them to delay invasions and can be easily ignored. In contrast, Turkulon/Gleemite was well received initially because it was less common and felt more random and as a result you can make things more rewarding (please bring back Gleemite meteors as starmetal and ori ore nodes). A final piece of this is there is a desire to make invasions more accessible to casual players and even players of all levels. There was this idea of “practice invasions” that was brought up in the development videos.

What if we had an event that was less common, happening 1-2 times a day (maybe not at all some days) at random hours based on the time zone of the server. So it could be, one in the middle of the day and maybe one at a higher chance between 6pm-10pm. The game would select a settlement’s fort at random that does not have an invasion/war at that time. If something is miraculously happening everywhere, then it doesn’t happen that day.

This would trigger a mini invasion at that location. All players over global would be notified, “Fort Ebonscale is under attack by the Lost.” The creature type can be random and it would only choose types appropriate for that area to ensure proper game immersion. Corrupted are a possibility everywhere but perhaps might see more Lost in Cutlass Keys and more Ancients in Everfall.

Players from all factions can then flock to the fort to help defend it, they can flag to PvP each other for dominance and it can result in a mixed PvE and PvP event. The rewards should be reasonably significant because it’s not common. You can’t make a dynamic event such as corrupted portals give really good rewards, because otherwise people would farm it to oblivion. Yet since this is less common of an event, this can be more in line with actual invasion rewards if you are alive at the end and inside/near the fort (triggering the same way as any other dynamic event, if you leave the area it will give the warning).

One distinct difference here from a regular invasion is that this is dynamic event. What happens impacts the open world, so it’s no longer a success or fail and the event ends. In this, you either are present in the fort before they invade and help defend at the walls or don’t make it in time and need to take the fort. Additionally there is the possibility that they have control over the fort after a failed defense. This fort could in theory be held by enemies for days if it’s not cleared. Add new high tier elite enemies. Having a boss-level new enemy at the center near the flag (or at the end of the invasion that crashes through the gates) make it difficult and geared towards 50+ people defenses. The boss should have a strong mass wipe mechanic. It should be difficult.

Additional thoughts:
1: The final boss can be a hippo.
2: if a player has PvP active at end, when boss is cleared, Significant increase the rewards. Ideally we would have another less PvE focused dynamic event(s) at the forts as well, such as a fort spontaneously being marked on the map so that factions can all head over there for a King of the Hill-like event (for another post!)
3. Allow people to flag or not flag. This should be focused as PvE event but give additional incentive to flag.
4. Allow all levels to participate but gear this towards end-game players. Gives that, oh shit look at those badass players doing it. I wanna get there someday kinda moment. Rewards scaled based on level to prevent abuse. They could help on siege where player level particularly important.
5. Ideally the siege weapons would be active during this time. Would need to code them to work only on PvE enemies and not usable by PvP players (if you are flagged). In other PvP modes like one described above it would be cool to have them usable for PvP but that’s a whole other issue (would be to be destroyable, repairable, etc).
6. We need more special feeling dynamic events. This can be accomplished by making it more rare and giving it really good rewards such that people will drop everything to get to them. This makes it feel more special compared with corrupted portals.

Tldr; Make an uncommon/rare dynamic event where a spontaneous invasion is declared on a random fort. Broadcast this to all players. Players must either defend the fort in time or clear it out if it was taken over by the invasion. Gives forts relevance and helps create spontaneous open world PvP.


An other good idea, an other idea way over AGS devs skills as usual

I think it’s definitely possible. I think dynamic events can be difficult to develop because there are so many factors/issues that can arise. For instance what about low level areas? Having 66+ elites roaming around the fort could be an issue. One suggestion would be to scale the enemies to the region so that low levels won’t stumble into a slaughter and save the 66+ stuff for Reekwater, Ebonscale, Mourningdale.

Then again, it is isolated and infrequent. There can be similar visual warnings such as when a player gets near a corruption portal. Ideally I would like the high level stuff everywhere as I think that’s where there is a need for content.

It’s good though. Understanding where the monster will spawn, where they go. What a captured fort looks like, the AI draws ranged creatures to the walls, etc. So it feels right and immersive other than having them all wander into the center and do nothing. Have them roam and patrol. I want to go into that detail a bit if I get some positive feedback here.

Also this would likely take 6 months to develop at least I would think given the team is likely working on other projects and features. But why not start working on these things now

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That’s a cool idea! I’ll send your idea and feedback to the developers :). I’ve always been a huge fan of content like this in games. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I will keep working to see if I can get other player feedback in the meantime!

Yeah. Like the game Rift.

The Rifts were a new concept back then and a lot of fun. There were a lot of them and people in the open world actually grouped up to fight the larger ones, bosses, loot, all worth it.

This was back in a time when gaming was a lot different though.

That sounds awesome, I never played it but maybe that could be something to model this after? What do you mean by things were different back then? Anything in particular that made it better back then compared with now?

The final boss would have to a be a hippo, I agree. You see a bear come out only to get get trampled by a hippo charging at you.

Imagine being charged by a bear only to realize it’s a costume that the hippo rips out of last minute and speaks in a deep voice (Dhokes from Dexter), “SURPRISE MOTHERF***ER”

Instead of it happening to forts. Do it for settlements. They basically attack a tower that spawns in the middle of every town. They come it through every gate of the settlement. Make them relatively easy to kill but players who participate get a reward of some kind.


I just want to say that this would be SOOO COOL. I have always liked the idea of invasions on the cities.

My only concern is that settlements would not allow PvP to be involved and for lower level players or players doing other things, they may not appreciate the interruption. Ideally this would not be forced upon players but instead they can rise to the challenge. Forts on the other hand bring in PvP possibilities. When a fort gets highlighted like this, with additional PvP rewards added then it acts like a magnifying glass. Instead of having all open world PvP scattered, it’s now in a single location and it suddenly feels active and alive again. Additionally Forts are more neutral and honestly are not used for much right now when wars/invasions are not active so it won’t interrupt other content and we could have access to the weapons as well.

So totally want to say, you are here suggesting the dream. I think my ideas is more of the compromise if that makes sense. Hearing people scream, GET OUT IF THERE CITY! IF YOU ARE LOW LEVEL!! High levels rushing in to protect them as they escape. Companies hearing through the smoke signals that something is up and are like, You son of a bit**h, I’m in. As they rush in to fend off the invasion or clear out an infested settlement. I wonder if this is what they originally wanted invasions to be but tried to find a way to compromise.

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I never understood how invasions on our forts degrade our settlements… now if invasions were on the settlements and you lost. I undeestand a degrade on the crafting stations. Forts are for pvp. Settlements are pve

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Yeah that is a little odd. There must have been a decision to use the fort as a surrogate for the settlement to prevent players not looking to participate from getting overtly involved (which I think would be cool, we don’t have a you lose everything on death mechanic). It does lock people out of using a settlement even it is going on, which again I think it’s cool and dynamic. Totally with you on this it’s just sometimes it’s a matter of suggesting something in the confines of what the dev team has chosen to do.

I also like that idea that if a town isn’t defended against for an invasion. Then it falls to neutral. It needs to be cleared and a war can be initiated. Everyone declares and it picks the top two from different factions. Boom. Really cool idea but might be a little further off given it would result in a large rework of the current system

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We already have GS scaling so scale it to people’s GS only getting benefits above 580 and make level requirement 40. Content goes stale while leveling around then. Buff a 350 GS player to deal and take damage equal to 580 GS.

Also, you have PvP scaling for lower levels, why not let level 45’s and up join OPR?

I think the nice thing about open world content is that it is going to naturally be open up all levels. Really hoping for something at least similar to this but also just other things as well. I want it to announce over going that something is going down and watch people rush over to rise to the challenge.

I think we need less frequent events but more of them and have them more rewarding. The corruption portals are cool but excited to see something pop up that isn’t always there. It’s weird, it’s kinda a time gate mechanic but it is one that works really well versus a countdown which gets restrictive.

It’s interesting that random gates through, having this not happen as often is a much more feel good time gate than having something only you can only do every 24 hours or 2 mutation orbs a week. Sometimes that’s the only gating that makes sense, like you can’t have random mutations opening but just a thought

Just mixing up the invasions would be cool. Why not have the angry earth invade? Or the lost (so my lost trophy mats can be worth something…)


Yeah I’ve totally thought about this as well, how cool would this be. I imagine some crazy flying ghost ship during the final minutes crashing into the doors and lost pilling out. Something analogous to the flying laser corrupted that spawn towards the end. Plus just having different types of mechanics come into play for each one. I think they should be unique enough to really change to the strategy completely depending on what is invading. Love it. Yeah wasn’t too see it for mini invasions but totally agree would love to see it in regular ones as well

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We call these “portals”.

Ah thanks!

There’s no portal leaderboard