Dynasty crashes at last boss

There are random points in the final boss in dynasty shipyards where people will crash. We had maint today and it still has not been fixed, it is costing people keys and groups arent finishing due to losing more and more people. please fix this.


Bumping this as it is still a huge issue. Not only is it myself that is crashing due to this, but at least 30% of the people I’ve partied with in the past six hours.

I had this last night on EU Bansalem. At certain points of the last boss fight 3 out of 5 group members would crash. Some weren’t even appearing back in the dungeon after logging back in. One guy logged back in and was in Monarchs Bluff, thats quite the run back.

We got it eventually but took 4 tries with long waits inbetwewn while people ran the gauntlet back.

This is definitely the most frustrating thing I’ve experienced in the game by far.

I have to say, getting DC’d mid boss fight, just to reboot to a forced respawn in Monarch then having to spend more time and Azoth to get back just to finish (not to mention making the other party members wait), I sure hope this wasn’t an intended dungeon mechanic; getting ‘forced out’ of the dungeon.

If they would simply allow everyone who dies, whether by DC or otherwise, to respawn inside the dungeon when the Expedition hasn’t closed yet (assuming they haven’t been kicked from the party and replaced), I believe that would fix the main issue here.

Got the same today twice… I already sent the crash dump. Please fix this soon!
Please add it to Bug Megathread or Known Issues @Luxendra :pensive:

Bumping this again. It’s a persistent problem that afflicts multiple players. Seems to happen at least once per run. It wouldn’t be anywhere near as frustrating if it didn’t respawn players in Monarch’s Bluff if they die before timing out.

yeah, happen to us today. 2 times, had to run back from Monarch.

Cost us a lot of time. We all quit, very upset from that. If at least we were rezing into the dongeon… this is so fucking stupid.

Bug like that… real good reason to quit this stupid game. Why would be spend so much time trying to get through progression of dongeon just to crash everytime and waste a whole night for nothing.

Back to WoW i guess

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