Dynasty Expedition is UNPLAYABLE!

Hey guys, I don’t think it is just this Expedition, but I remember it happening in Brightwood too. Certain assets in the game just flicker so much for me. On the docks where the moon shines on the wood it flickers, on the Isabella fight and also the last boss certain areas flicker. Same in a graveyard in Brightwood.

its not the whole game that flickers just those certain assets shall we say

But no where else in the game?! All drivers are updated so I know it’s not that issue. Does anyone else have this problem and if so. How did you fix it?

No I get the flicker once in a while. They will get it fixed eventually, this game is going to be around for a long time. They have alot of issues to work through right now we just have to be patient. One thing that works for me if it is an issue with lighting, I use Nvidia GeForce experience to adjust details to the game graphics.

I’ve been there and there is no flicker disturbing me like this… Must be PC specific

So in what way is Dynasty UNPLAYABLE?? as your post states o.0

Epilepsy bro. It is literally unplayable. I should clarify I don’t have epilepsy but the Discord group I was streaming to. A few members said they couldn’t watch it because it triggers.

I thought that but why in only those 2 spots? It’s strange

ddu and reinstall your drivers - your issue - not the game

It’s not just me experiencing it so I know its not a “me” issue

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