Dynasty is bad (title must be atleast 15 characters)

So I saw twitter post starting with “We heard you like new mutated expeditions”. So lets start with me saying “no, we don’t”. This is not a content, if that took you over 1 month to introduce, then Im afraid the game will be fixed in 2025.

That said I want to give u some reasons why Dynasty is bad in current state and should be removed from rotation:

  1. Bosses have insane dmg scaling - I went into M1, heavy armor, 620 gs, I got hit for 12k. Same thing happened to our tank. At the same time dog bosses have like 100 hp. This is what happen when u type random numbers in monster stats and go for “we don’t test it, players will”.
  2. Loot is bugged. You are getting tons of named items, many of them 600 gs, none of them legendary.
  3. No Timeless Shards ← this is huge.

Wait, I just realized that I spent hours giving AGS feedback, and kinda none of that was used in any update. So maybe I’ll stop there. Mutated version of Dynasty is dogs**t.


U watch the devs do it on their video? :laughing:
88 death
1 hr 30 min to complete
-22,000 score

They release it anyway hahaha


Oh god. No, I didn’t, after 3 or 4 runs my team figured out how to do it. We will hit M10 today/tommorow. I am not saying that it’s undoable, I’m saying that it’s broken, not tested and should be removed for the health of game.
And by the way, after beating M7 we dropped like 3 legendary items in total (among all team members, accross all the runs)

Damn I swear they stealth nerfed the legendary drop rates

I dont mind dynasty this week and iv done up to +6, been kinda lazy.

I can tell you my feedback is

  • Mobs seem to have to much health
  • The dungeon itself seems rather stale, even mutation mechanics does not seem to really change it up much its pretty much just kill things and stand out of the fire.
  • the dungeon really has no real goodies (ie legendaries) in chests, which makes it even less rewarding.

At this point i am just of the opinion of having an elite chest after each boss in dungeons is enough, remove the other stuff.

I will also add all of my friends hate dynasty, and none of them want to run it saving orbs for next week

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It’s similiar to us, we hit M9 and we don’t want to touch this expedition ever again. Barrel encounters are so badly designed, Isabellas dogs always aggros healer, they have bad models and hitbox, “commander” miniboss have 100000000 hp and is phalanx, fight with him is not hard, it just takes too long. No loot, monsters have insane stats. All put together makes it a terrible gaming experience.

yeah was wondering the same xD just throw it on live server as it is :smiley: hl gl waste your hard to get mutation keys and wait another week while people atacking each other and blame each other in group chat for failing the dungeon.

I find it absurd that there are such bugs, considering also that there was the PTR and that surely many players have done this content many times.

Working in a software house, I see things like this every day, but in those projects, where by necessity, many interns and junior figures work there.
However, I do not think that AGS has interns and junior figures, but only skilled and prepared people. So I don’t really understand these huge oversights.

I think you are wrong that they are skilled and prepared. Well, at least not prepared. And I’m not talking about devs, the project management is a joke. And same here, as a software house employee I can tell that if our PMs and testers were that bad, we would replace them.

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