Dynasty loot what the f is going on ?!

this is the the drop from 4x dynasty shipyard mutation. 1 gold 1 item 492gs some named items 600 when they cant go golden and get 4th perk. I love when people with gs 618 cant do lvl 3 mutation in dynasty when thay can do lazarus izi way on lvl 10 <3

ty for killing the game.

hey devs can you explain ?!

I hope u didnt waste ur keys, i heard rumors that it was way to hard and loot was trash

acually we did 4 keys when loot was shit as hell and the level on difficulty was insane but devs explaining ppl who have a shit bug and say “hello and thank you for being part of the forums community!” "make a restart of your game or settings’ when the problem is on game…

ouch, dyn is something i woulda probably bought a spot for, well at least we got 2 free keys ? But yeah it’s a total flop, imagine them doing amrine mutations, with the way they have things scale you’ll get 1 tapped in m1 if ur full 625

Hate to agree, but your right. There is no point at all in playing this week until the mutations change dungeon. Time to take some time off and see what new surprise bugs they put into the game next week.

Our mutation changed to Dynasty for 1 day then changed to Genesis. Dynasty was buggy. Thought they changed it for everyone.

ngl saving ur keys is the strat, me and my team are gonna have 20 keys for next week.

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Dynasty is fun to play, its nice harder than lazi. But the loot… oh the loot …

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