Dynasty M sucks

Did Dynasty M1 weeks ago when it first came up with a group of 610-ish company members. I was 600-602-ish tank. It was a horrible experience. Literally logged out angry.

Last night did a couple Dynasty classics for warm up with 610-616 company members. Of course a cake walk. Tried M1. Shit show. Tried another M1. Shit show. Tried another M1. Shit show.

No more Dynasty for me. Completely unenjoyable, unrewarding and worthless. By the end I didn’t even want to play anymore. Way over tuned, IMO.


Cleared up to m9 gold so far but i still completely agree with you, dynasty is by far the hardest mutation, especially the gold mages which are harder than any boss requiring almost constant cc/stuns to prevent deaths. i can say gear score matters a lot in this mutation, as well as having cut gems for the mutation type and having a full ward set. You should also be running full heavy setups to maximize dmg absorption.

What specifically are you struggling with in dynasty?

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It definitely needs some attention, it’s not on the same scale compared to the other expeditions. My group enjoys a good challenge, this one requires good coordination, but things just feel off.

I wrote a lengthy post last week, were at m10 now but even at the recommended gear score level 623/624, it’s often headache inducing.

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Thanks all for the replies and congratulations on how far you’ve gotten. Truly outstanding that you’ve gotten so far.

Basically things seem to start to falter with the two Tigers. I can usually tank one but the other often knocks a dps or two. I can’t say exactly what’s happening there because I’m busy with the one I’m tanking alone.

The named caster in between the houses right after the tigers seems to spam heavy spells way to often and usually knocks 1-3 people.

After that it’s just the final boss fight. The slap melee will go thru my shield and take me to roughly 1/4 health. Others just get downed if caught. The waves of the bosses pink attack are too frequent. Basically once someone goes down strategy goes out the window and it becomes a free for all as everybody is just trying to pick people up and not get knocked themselves.

If there was one thing I’d recommend AGS look at is the damage dealt by the bosses attacks. This wouldn’t require any other mechanical changes.

I’m by no means an expert at this dungeon. Mainly because I’ve never enjoyed it enough to come back.

Its generally easier for a ga/wh user to fight the left tiger, should be oro i believe. Oro usually only breathes fire and a ga user typically knows how to dodge every breath attack. If youre struggling i recommend having the ga user solo kite oro while you tank joven and your dps kills joven first. Ga should start out by grav welling oros position and following up with hammer abilities like wrecking ball which provides a strong fortify. Healer should focus on the ga user at the start and once the tiger is in rhythm you can typically just focus on the tanks tiger.

The caster after the two tigers, typically you lure the caster down to 1v5 him near the chest where isabella spawns. Its very important to chain stun cc as much as possible. Ga/wh users have things like reap, wrecking ball and shockwave. A spear user can help by sweeping, vault kicking etc. And tank can also help by using stuns etc. Its the hardest fight in the dungeon for sure.

Final boss: the boss typically starts with a circlular dragon that expels players and usually does 90-100% dmg. Its important to have your sound on to help identify when this attack will occur so you can dodge through it. If youre uncomfortable quickly dodge out of the aoe. It helps to have a ring with hearty. The wave attack is entirely on your team, they have to pay attention and dodge through it. Again the sounds typically indicate when the attack is launched. Only suggestion i can offer is tower shield, stamina recovery on an amulet, and having the healer place sacred ground to restore your stamina as fast as possible.

Once the boss goes up kill the minions then stand in the back corner opposite of the chest. She will spawn 3 extra totems and then you need to run to the entrance of the room. Keeping her away from the totems. From here its tough but hatchet dps can be good at preventing accidental deaths. The boss is easier than you think once you learn to dodge the mechanics. The slap she does is quick and hard to deal with, you just have to hope your healer can help you recover and maybe have some abilities to help you deal with it.

it honestly does feel overtuned.
but I’m not sure what the cause of it stems from.

Does 1 person in the group with lower GS than everyone else matter for those players that have higher GS? do they ALL take more damage based on the groups overall expertise?

Does the corruption ward perk on all armor actually help? (24% damage reduction from corruption) Does the mutation mods stem from corruption damage and converts to it’s mod type? example, if Laz has a mutation of void or fire, does that damage get converted FROM the dungeon type? or is there no conversion and it’s all fire/void?

I dunno… still testing stuff out.

Honestly, I think you had a bad make-up of a Group. You can have 625 players in there. If their playstyle or builds do not complement each other, IT WILL ALWAYS BE A CRAP SHOOT.

I’ve ran M7-M10 and no issues.

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I can tell you first hand corruption ward works very well, i often find myself tankier than the actual tank in some situations because of it


sick. I just got a full suit of corruption gear to test out for today.

But then again, like I was saying about conversion on attacks from those mobs depending on the mods of said dungeon… I just want to know what works and how it works.

I tanked a M8 with a PuG. Everyone performed Marvelously with the exception of the Orb holder.

He legit died 5 times and caused us to miss Gold. QQ.

As long as you have 1 Hammer, GA user.
1 Spear User.
1 Range or w/e. Rest is history.

Thanks all. We got through M1 finally and it felt like a breakthrough moment. Want to give it another go soon to validate it wasn’t a fluke but I’m hopeful the worst is behind us. Tigers we’re fine. But for caster between the houses and final boss, the single biggest impact IMHO is not tanking in close melee range. I threw taunts and took the occasional stab to keep aggro, but immediately withdraw 2-3 meters so I’m out of the final bosses melee/slap and usually the spiral dragon thing. Ranged dps took her down and the healer could focus much more energy on the rest of the crew. Still no expert but it worked and we’ll try again soon.

Honestly with Sacred ground under you, You can Hold block and survive it all.

Usually before he does his AoE attack, I stun him as a tank.

Dynasty Mutated is, well, with one word, godawful. It’s certainly an awful design for mutated, and it’s being waited out by many players in many servers because of this. People basically skip the “dynasty week” and that practically says everything you need to know when something is broken. The problems of Dynasty Mutated are, in my opinion, it has too many or/and too much stuff. Want me to elaborate? Sure, with pleasure: Stuff hits TOO much, there are TOO many special abilities/attacks, there are TOO many special abilities/attacks that hit TOO much, there are TOO many one-shots, there are TOO many wide angled or 360 degree angled attacks, the special attacks are way TOO frequent, people are required to dodge and move waay TOO much to the point that it feels more like PVP rather than PVE. As a dps, i can safely say that not only its difficult, it also UNFUN, infact, if it was indeed fun, maybe i could still be interested in the dungeon. As a PVE Dps, i want to do rotations, i want to test my builds and rotations, i want to see my numbers floating above. Of course i should be challenged in a fight about when to dodge or block and such, but not at the expense of FUN. When im forced to move back and forth all the time without being able to see my strength or test it, its not fun at all. IF i wanted moving a lot, dodging a lot and blocking a lot, i wouldve done PVP instead, not an expedition. Im guessing, Tanks and Heals dont like it as well since like i said, people are avoiding it as if its the black death. It would’ve been fun, if there were these dps checks, or heal checks or tank checks instead of there being too many too much hitting attacks and one shots that we have to keep avoiding instead of doing our roles…

I think you bring up valuable points but I look at your concerns as;

  • There’s a fine line of fun vs not fun, but mechanically things should be easily understood
  • This is the hardest PvE content in the game, it needs to b e

What I mean is, the content should be hard, but not infeasible. When completing M10, theres too many moments we look at eachother after a death and wonder WHY/HOW? We know the mechanics inside and out but theres random ‘wtf’ moments leaving us questioning. You cannot improve if you do not know what you did wrong in the first place. We now know to account for these wtf moments so play super passive on certain bosses (the mini summoners). Yeah ya, you can chain CC them but you can also range DPS them incase someone messes up.

Additionally, this is the hardest PvE, meaning its not attainable by every player, as it should be and I hope it remains that way. Not trying to dismiss or belittle anyone whos struggling, but this content needs to be challenging for the players that insist on testing their PvE limits. Most MMORPGs have content that is for a smaller subset of the player base, which is good, if you want to get to a specific point in the game, you must progress your charactes in game power beyond a point most people don’t want to attain. That progression path is key and if its removed, might as well play a battle royale or another genre of similar instant-power scaling. Having done both versions of dynasty now, its refreshing to see how much they change with just void vs fire. I never thought I’d say it but I miss the fire rotation :slight_smile:

Myself and my group really enjoy a challenge. Lazarus is a cake walk and bore fest, exciting to see the changes coming with Feb. Dynasty is rough around the edges, very sad nothing was changed in Feb since this is the ‘balance patch’. The 2 mutation changes that made it in were hardly the problem.

If you’re still strugging, I posted a video in the other thread on us clearing the m9 on Fire last week. Take a peak because @Moto , it solves a lot of qualms you’re experiencing.

it can be reduced to Genesis level. yes some things need to or are supposed to be difficult but not as much as Dynasty mutated is at the moment. We do not want to play Darksouls and we also do not want to end up having to skip a week in an MMORPG. And like i said, for PVE, there are some things, mechanics that are universally accepted, fun, and liked. Why not focus on those? challenge itself alone is not fun. You have to make it fun. Otherwise, people might and should as well go outside and challenge themselves in life, its difficult and unfun, but might actually give you something meaningful in return :slight_smile: I mean i try to progress at Genesis and Lazarus, only to be stopped because of not being able to find orbs, but when it comes to Dynasty, its just too risky, too unfun. ive reached M7 on the others but i dont even want to do M1 on Dynasty. when i do it, i get sick of the game, literally, log out and not come back for a while. (PS: ive reached M4 in Dynasty as well but just argh…)

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They could definitely tune a few things down and it would still be super challenging.

The dogs/tigers are pretty spicy, but the various witches and summoners are insanely strong in terms of damage output and I think they are the biggest danger. A few of the spearmen at a time will destroy your tank as well.

The Empress is another story. She just spams without cooldowns on most of her casting which means you get a 1 swing window to do damage in melee, before you need to be dodging again. It makes the fight super laborious and even with plenty of life the spells will oneshot you so every one of those dodges needs to be on point.

I know the mechanics and her voice cues, and I still get knocked regularly on the boss even with higher gs than required.

Disagree strongly. It’s definitely harder than the other mutations, but the rewards are phenomenal. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like failing a few times before ultimately succeeding, this dungeon probably isn’t for you, though.

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